Pro-Life or Pro-Choice….Part Two



Women were having abortions left and right that day.  One woman was on her 7th–abortion is not a form of birth control.  It felt like I was being part of a meat market that day.  There was no physical pain because I was put under….but the emotional scars I carry with me to this day.

I remember going to a restaurant with my then boyfriend and there was a baby in a high chair…I started crying I could not control myself.  For a long time every time I saw a baby or a pregnant woman I would start to cry. 

When my first nephew was born I went t the hospital but after my sister went home with her baby I could not bring myself to visit her.  I avoided her for at least a month.  This is the same sister who called me a murderer when I had my abortion. 

My mother of course, was upset that I had not seen my sister or nephew since the birth.  I just couldn’t.  I could not face her or the baby. But the day came when I could not avoid it any longer.  I told her that I was sorry that I had not been around and she said, “I know”.  She understood why I could not come around.  I did not think it was fair.  Why did she get to have her baby when I couldn’t?  This was my reasoning at the time, however illogical it may have been.

My child would have been twenty-eight years old.  It is hard to imagine being the mother of a twenty-eight year old or a twenty-six year old right now… be continued

3 Responses to “Pro-Life or Pro-Choice….Part Two”

  1. Lia Padma Says:

    your story is so honest. well i can’t imagine myself facing the pregnancy, with your age back there.. it must be hard choosing between this or that.

  2. Dev Says:

    I feel your story is biased, jaded, and guilt ridden! Not to mention the picture you put on display looks like something right out of a movie or a third world nation! It certainly doesn’t resemble any reputable clinic or safe haven many women of varying ages have been fortunate enough to have available for the past 30 plus years.

    I’m sorry your boyfriend at the time didn’t want a child, but you could have chosen to keep YOUR baby! You decided what was best for you at that particular time, how is that his fault? You cannot go through life blaming others for the choices you made. At least not 20-something years later!

    I’m sorry you regret your decisions; I’m sorry you feel hurt & guilty, but keep in mind this is your pain & guilt! Please do not become the martyr or hypocrite who points the finger in accusation of the very same “crime” you have committed!

    You want to share your personal story that’s fine, but don’t share the intimate details belonging to others. To talk about some woman who had 7 abortions as though it was birth control…you don’t know what she was going through, you don’t know what she was feeling, or how she came to her decision, You only have a 26/28 year old drug enhanced or induced memory of what happened. I for one don’t know any women whose had an abortion and came to the decision lightly, regardless of the number/s!

    Pro-Choice does not mean pro-abortion it means CHOICE, as in the right to choose! My body, My right! Why is this concept so hard to grasp? Please don’t use your prior decisions, good or bad, to make women indecisive or guilty about what they might soon be doing!

    You of all people know how powerful words can be!!

  3. Sex, Spirit & Soul Mates....Ivonne's Journey Says:

    Dear Dev,

    You are right this is very biased because it is MY STORY…it is my journey. It is what I went through, my personal experience. As for the image..I chose it because it reflects what I felt on the day of my abortion…not anyone else’s. I do not claim to know what other women think or feel. I am writing about my personal experience and what I felt at the time and what I continue to feel. And yes, I feel guilty to this day. Those abortions affect me to this day. And as for the women who had 7 abortions, I did talk to her and she was very blase about it and she did not use birth control and yes she did use abortion as a form of birth control. That is what our conversation was about.

    You are making judgements on my feelings and my experience. what women chose to do is just that their choice.

    But let me state it again these series of post are about my choices, me feelings, and how I have been affected to this day by the events in my life.

    I am not prostlytizing one opinion or another just writing my story.

    still love you


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