Judgement Day


Ok, all joking aside…today was supposed to be the end of the world “Judgement Day” but guess what? 

Every day is judgement day.

Every day, every moment, every thought,every word we utter creates our judgment day in the here and now. 

And how do you know what your judgment is? 

Just look around you and what do you see? 

What do your finances look like? 

What do your relationships look like? 

You see we make judgements every moment of the day by thought, word or feelings and those judgments are reflected in the reality we have created. 

 Are you creating joy or love or are you creating hate or sadness?

So, tell me what have you created today?


We interrupt the normally scheduled programing to bring you the latest news on yet another man in the public who has cheated on wife.

Just as Tyger Woods was probably relieved when Jessie James got outed for cheating on Sandra, I am sure Jessie James is relieved that Schwartznegger is now in the media spotlight for his indiscretions.

I remember when President Clinton was exposed thinking that it was nobody’s business, that it was between himself and his wife and should remain a private matter.  I have since have had a change of thought. 

In my religious studies class we were looking at the work of MLK, Jr., specifically one of his sermons on “Loving your enemy”, at the time that Bin Laden was killed and I thought his words were rather appropriate for the present day.

And then the professor mentions to the class that MLK, Jr. had numerous affairs.  I was aghast and personally affronted.  As a woman I lost some respect for the man.  There he is preaching love your enemy, truth, justice and equality for all and yet he was cheating on his wife?  And he was a pastor!!!

He did not just cheat on his wife but also his children and every person that believed in him and has taken his words to heart.  He cheated on me, just as Clinton cheated on me, just as Tyger cheated on every one of his fans who believed in him, just as Jessie James cheated on his fans and Mr. Schwartznegger cheated on his fans.

They cheated on their families.  They cheated on their children.  Just like my father cheated on my sister and me every time he cheated on my mother.

When are we as a society going to stop condoning this behavior that not only rips apart families but also tears apart our society.  It is not gay marriage that destroys the sanctity of marriage but gross infidelities on the part of heterosexuals.

It is the lack of the sanctity of marriage that destroys marriage.  I do not think we need divorce reform.  I believe what is needed is marriage reform.

Marriage has become a socially accepted form of prostitution when in reality marriage should be a sacred partnership that is undertaken by two people on the path to spiritual completeness and wholeness.

So, for those of you that have cheated on your spouse, either male or female, you cheated not only on them but on your children and on me as well.

You took a public vow of fidelity and you failed to keep those vows made before your family and friends.

Please let us make marriage sacred again.

What do you all think out their in the cyber world?  Is infidelity a private matter or does it somehow affect all of us in the spiritual realm?

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