the magician part three….Happy Birthday Wizard

My romance with the magician started out innocently.

I was a young and naive 18-year-old girl.  It was an innocent summer of hanging out together –learning about magic and “real” magic.  He was always taking about real magic and being a real wizard.  He talked about karma and reincarnation and other words that were foreign to me and were not in my vernacular.  My background was the dogma and rituals of the Catholic Church.  He was talking metaphysics and spirituality.  He was opening the gateway for what would become a lifetime of learning.  He showed me an alternate universe and world that went beyond the parameters of traditional religiosity.  He gave me the book, Illusions, by Richard Bach, ( ) which would forever change my perspective.

The other thing that changed was that I went from being a girl to being a woman.

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Birthday Party Magic! (

I will Be There……

My beloved….

my love for you goes beyond

the ecstasies of our divine dance……

it surpasses the tender kisses…

it transcends the sweet caresses

of your tender and gentile hands…….

No, my beloved……

my love for you

is to  be found

in the travails of  life….

my love for you

is to be found in the bittersweet tears

that stain your cheeks……

my love for you

is to be found

in the dark adversaries that you face….

My love for you

is to be found

on the threshold

of the dark night of your soul…….

I will be there

as your support…….

I will be there in the silence…….

I will be there in the despair…….

I will kiss away the tears……

And with my tender mouth

I will breathe joy and life

into your disheartened soul……

and if I could I would

exchange my life for yours…….

Ivonne Montijo

..what is poetry……

poetry is not merely the words we put to paper

but the vision in which we perceive and experience the world..

the poet does not see the world but feels it..

in his heart…in his soul….

the poet sees beyond what the human eye can see….

the poet sees the truth behind the seeming illusion……

…dragons & unicorns…..

Are you my prince, I often wonder

I sit here and ponder

And can not say for sure.


Why is it that I am so drawn to you?

I see your soul shining bright and pure.

It beckons to me

Like the flickering light

At the end of a long dark tunnel.

Within your light I find warmth and comfort


As I  have not found in any other

Yet  I’m sad, what a bother.


You speak of dragons

I speak of unicorns

But together we dream of a world

Where wizards live in castles,

And magic and power abides


Take my hand and be my friend


As we cross the stars on our journey home.

Just maybe, maybe when we arrive

We’ll turn, one to the other and realize

That the magic between us

Was that of two souls who love one another.

~♥ ivonne p montijo ♥~© 2012



What an amazing affirmation of the blessings and the abundance that God has in store for us when Jesus said, “Therefore I say unto you, All things whatsoever ye pray and ask for, believe that ye have received them, and ye shall have them”(Mark 11:24).

This means it is already done.

The marriage made in heaven, done!

That new job, done!

The new home, done!

Health and Healing, done!

Prosperity, done!

In that prayer and in that affirmation we have been set free from struggle and strife

In that prayer are the promises of God, the eternal the divine.

The law of attraction states be grateful before you receive and life “as if”.

Do not wait for God’s blessing to appear–no, no, no be thankful before it manifests.

Live in the joyful heart, NOW.

All things will be given to you.

And if you need a little inspiration, then click on the link to my man Garth, whose got some inspiring country gospel music for your soul.


Blessings to you all!!!!!!!



tears of ecstasy


be not dismayed

at the tear that

softly and sweetly

slides down my cheek….

It is a tear of joy,

It is a tear of happiness….

It is a tear that reflects

that I have been touched

by the holy and the divine…..

In that tear

you will find

all the love

my heart contains…


In that tear

you will hear the song of my soul

resonating with my body……

That tear my dear beloved

simply means

that you have touched

my heart,

my soul,

and my body

as no one has….

That tear is quite simply

Divine ecstasy

Flowing through me……

~♥ ivonne p montijo ♥~© 2012

Eternal Fire


I remember you before eternity….

I remember you when your soul was light…

I remember you when you were infinity

I remember when our love

danced amongst the stars

and fueled us,

birthed us,

and gave our create wings flight….

I remember

two souls as one

two hearts united

one body in holy dance…


Your breath…my breath…..the breath of divinity


but you have forgotten

and you have fallen out of eternity…..

your soul has forgotten

and has become as dark as the night

you have fallen into the depths of nothingness

living a false lie with false loves

imposters of my soul

but I remember……


I remember

that you are my mirror

that you are my love,

my soul

my eternity……


the fire that burns

deep within my soul

guides me and protects me…..


and I will swim to the depth of nothingness

deep down into the vortex of your created hell

will I travel

through the fire and through the flames..

to retrieve you my love…..

to breathe light and love into your heart

and in that process

make pure your soul once again…..

I am you

you are me

together we belong in eternity…….

 I remember ……. I remember……..


~♥ ivonne p montijo ♥~© 2012

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