The Beach…….

I really cannot write about journey in this space-time without doing a post on the mistress…my love…my divine consort.

If I were to become one with the world I would most certainly be a part of the soul-fabric that is the beach.  When I think of beach what comes to mind are the white sandy beaches and the warm, crystal clear turquoise Caribbean waters of my childhood.  The Caribbean where every day is a perfect day for the beach.  That is the definition of beach for my–my idealized beach.

But really I am a happy camper in most beaches—all that is needed is sand, the ocean and a blazing sunset.  Sunset is my favorite part of the day–I am quite partial to those-pink-purple-gold sunsets that bathe us in resplendent awe.

I feel God when I am at the beach.  And the sunset is God reaching out to hug the world in colorful radiance.  The sound of the tide coming and going, waves crashing are music to my ears.  The smell of the ocean breeze renews me and brings me to life.


I got married at the beach.  I did ritual to Yemaya to call forth a soul mate at the beach.  Yemaya, is the Yoruba goddess of love and fertility and she is depicted as a mermaid.  She is one of my spirit guides.  The beach calls out to me–singing her song hypnotically as no other.  Maybe I was a mermaid in a past life, but answer the call I must.

I dream of having a home on the beach that I might live every day with my mistress and make her my lover, my divine consort.  For now I have to suffice with being seven blocks away.  I breathe in her perfume as I walk my dog each night under the silver moonlight.

The beach-God-life-peace-beauty-love are all the same word to my soul.

The beach, she is my mistress and I must answer her call to honor her as my lover in the twilight, in sunset and under the velvet sky with moonbeams illuminating the face of my beloved–I await him as I call out to Yemaya, mother of the sea to bring my beloved to me……..

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