Animals have souls………

All animals have feelings and souls and it is time that we stop eating them and abusing them.

In physics there is a law which states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

In the world of spirit this is known as Karma.

Do you not see that there is a direct co-relation between the chaos and suffering that humans experience and the suffering that we cause to our fellow sentient beings on the planet?

Do you not realize that if you eat animals, abuse them, torture them in the name of science, abandon them at pounds, let them die or starve that you are a participant in this karmic cycle?

You do not believe me?  Well then, merely look out your window or peruse through the internet and what do you find?

Look at how humans suffer and look at how we cause suffering.  A law is a law it works whether or not you believe.

If you want to change the world, if you want to help humanity then simply start by being a compassionate care-taker of the animal kingdom……

5 Responses to “Animals have souls………”

  1. Mayrbear's Lair Says:

    Great post! Animals are amazing and having the honor of interacting with them is an experience and a gift that cannot be explained in words. I have felt more SPIRIT and UNCONDITIONAL love from animals than ALL of the men I’ve partnered up with … and then some … so yay for putting the spotlight on these amazing souls we have the privilege to share this world with. I’ve been known to weep over the loss of more animals than I have humans … and I miss more of my animal friends than some of the human ones I’ve encountered. The science is our intestines support a plant based diet but the debate is still out .. and bottom line, whatever choices are made … they should be made with the intent to love and heal. Thanks for posting Ivonne!

  2. ramblingsfromamum Says:

    Ivonne we share the same love for animals, I am not a vegetarian but I seem to be eating more veg than meat of late. I do not condone the slaughter of animals so that I may eat them and I certainly do not accept the cruelty in which some are killed in abortoirs. We are having a huge debate over here about sending live cattle and sheep overseas for them to be slaughtered according to the faith and religions of other countries, but it is totally inhumane how they do it and make me sick. I cringe when I see any footage of any animal begin inhumanely treated for food or otherwise. It will be a debate that we continue and I do agree totally with you about being compassionate caretakers of the animal kingdom.
    I cannot abide or find reason for unnecessary killing of gorillas or keeping bears in cages to extract their bile. I see no purpose in animal testing in laboratories and certainly wish all puppy factories were shut down. It’s a difficult one for me who is not a vegetarian…but though I may eat meat and I can only hope and pray that the animal has not had a tortuous death for my sake. 😦

  3. Frank King Photos Says:

    As a vegetarian, I’m absolutely with you on animals. 🙂
    But I have an entirely different view of karma:

  4. Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate....Ivonne's Journey Says:

    dear mum,

    thank you for all of your kind words of compassion. If you go to health food markets you can usually get free range meat (or as I would call it —dead animal carcass). What drove me to being a vegetarian is that I couldn’t stand the way animals were being treated. It is a personal choice. In the last few months it seems I am being pulled to speak out more for the animals. We as a society find it abhorent that in Asian countries they eat dog and cat meat—but for me it is equally horrific across the board. I understand people eat meat—but there is no need for cruelty, experimentation or to wear fur. In my ideal world we would all be vegetarians we would be compassionate towards others cultures and nations would seek peaceful solutions to world problems such as hunger, etc—-that is my utopia–and of course I would be a published writer :).


    • ramblingsfromamum Says:

      I love how you said Dear mum 🙂
      Yes when I was in Vietnam with daughter 1 and came across Restaurants that sold dog or cat.we shuddered and moved on…some of the things I saw were heart breaking.
      Cruelty to animals should not be abided through any society but we need more voices and not abdicate to what is going on around us.
      Fingers crossed and hugs for your last line sweety.

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