Goddess of light…. a poem


Goddess of Light

There is a war going on.

A war for my soul.

A war for my heart.

And I will win.

You will not defeat me.

Not with your lies.

Not with your darkness

You pierced my heart

You pierced my soul

with the sword

of deception

and betrayal.

Piece by piece

bit by bit

I reclaim my heart

I reclaim my soul.

I reclaim my sword.

The sword of light,

the sword of truth

is where I find my might.

There is a war going on……

But I have already won the fight.

For I am a goddess of the light.

~♥ ivonne p montijo ♥~© 2013

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Puzzle Pieces……

puzzle 2 copy

Pandora’s Box …a poem


Pandora’s Box

Slowly, cautiously,

I moved towards the box…..

I touched it with fear…..

I touched it with loathing…..

It held my scars

It held my hurts

I did not even know

that it was there…

It took so long to find

buried deep within

my mind….

My hand shook

my hand  trembled

as it reached for the lid…..

about to release what had been hid

I closed my eyes

for fear of what I would find

but I had to find my way out

of the dark abyss …….

or I would lose my mind…….

and as I opened her up

the light pierced my soul

and every hurt,

and every pain,

and every loss,

ripped through my body

yet again……

until all that was left

was my heart and soul…..

made anew

bathed in the light of peace.

~♥ ivonne p montijo ♥~© 2013


R is for Reflections……


I started this blog on Feb. 10 2010 with the intention to “share with the world my journey on the path to my soul mate.”

It’s been almost three years and I would love to be writing, “I found HIM!!!!!!” But alas that is not the case.

But what I can say is that, “I have found me.” And maybe at the moment that might be a better thing. In actuality it’s more of a better understanding of who I am and the choices that I have made in my relationships and how so many puzzle pieces over the years have interconnected.

And finally out of desperation I prayed.  I asked mother/father god to please show me what was the obstacle preventing true love from coming my way?

And I had an aha moment …………..

For the rest of the story read, The Illusionist by Ivonne Montijo available on amazon.com








Beautiful regarding soul mates. A must read….enjoy !!!!!

Nae's Nest

Body to body, soul to soul
No matter the outcome, I am yours to hold…
As your girl or as your wife
Together we will be, sharing a life
The candle is lit and placed in the window
It waits for summer’s kiss
For when love arrives, the candle goes out
The Omen of marital bliss
Twin flames created at conception
Each born a separate time
Destined to be together
It is their star, it is their sign
The rarest of rare blessings
Bestowed upon a woman and man
Rare souls blessed to be mated
It is why Twin Flames were created
Body to body, soul to soul
No matter the outcome, I am yours to hold…
As your girl or as your wife
Together we will be, sharing a life
Separate wombs they came forth
Created with a mission
Under identical stars
A rare constellation
Alpha and Omega

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This is a very profound and insightful post.

The Better Man Project ™

We need more people to stand in their flames. To say, “Here I am. Yes I am cloaked in this…but that does not define where I am going to be. Because if I stand in my flames, they will almost surely put themselves out. But if I lay down to die, I will certainly turn to ash.” When you stand in your flames and accept your condition, you leave yourself open to putting that fire out. Without acceptance, those flames will always be burning. I don’t think anyone needs tangible proof of what I am saying here.

This past week I was going through some interesting stuff, things that I will never forget, and I came to some pretty strong realizations. I realized that we must not only love our condition, but love the conditions of those around us. The concept of unconditional love comes to mind. The fact that…

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The Face of Narcissism……

“The narcissist can be likened to the Wizard of Oz.

A failed magician who PRETENDS to be a GREAT & POWERFUL WIZARD.”

                                                                                                                  (Dr. Craig Malkin)

How does one go from being an innocent child like this……


to someone with Narcissistic Personality disorder like this?


To continue reading go to, The Illusionist by Ivonne Montijo on amazon.com


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