Christmas Caribbean Cruise…Part 8 George Town, Grand Cayman


The second stop on the cruise was George Town, Grand Cayman.  Father Tom and I had convinced Josh and Sara to join us on the excursion we were taking.  Below is the description in the brochure.

Island Tour & Tiki Beach –

OVERVIEW: Enjoy the best of Grand Cayman with an island tour as well as time at Seven Mile Beach. HIGHLIGHTS: Enjoy an island tour that includes the Observation Tower with its panoramic views of Grand Cayman and stops at Hell to view the jagged rock formations and the rum cake factory to sample some delicious rum cake. Your tour concludes at Tiki Beach on Seven Mile Beach to relax or take a swim. A lounge chair and a welcome rum/fruit punch are included. The facilities include toilets, changing rooms and fresh water showers. NOTES: Additional beach activities available at guest’s expense and discretion. Snacks and drinks are available at a beach restaurant at your expense.
Because this port of call was so small we had to get into a smaller boat to get to the port.  Once at port we were going to get into a small tour bus.  Well there was some kind of problem with a bus being broken down so people were getting re-arranged into the buses that were present.  So basically our bus was filled to capacity like sardines with no breathing space.  This was not an issue for our little group of four because we managed to get good seats.
The first stop, at least I think it was the first stop was the Rum Cake Factory. Ahemmm.  When I was a young girl and visiting my homeland of Puerto Rico we did the Barcardi Rum Factory Tour, in which we got to see the inside of the factory and the whole process of making rum and it was quite interesting.  So I imagined this tour would be something similar.  Ahemmmm.
Well not so much.  The rum cake factory was no more than a small storefront in which they had everyone line up and you get to sample the rum cakes, which were yummy and I would have bought one but they did not have the flavor I wanted and some rum.  Well, since I already had my Jamaican Coconut Rum no need to purchase any more.  Here are some of the pictures I took on that bit of the tour.  There is more of the tour past the pictures.
DSC00752 DSC00757 DSC00749 DSC00755 DSC00748 DSC00746 DSC00754 DSC00750
We never did make it to the Observation Tower, which I imagined would be a nice place to stop and take pictures.  Actually there was a bit of dissention in the group regarding that stop. I believe the stop where the Tower was located was near a shopping center but most of the shops were closed because it was “Box Day“–I believe this is a U.K. holiday, the day after Christmas. So the driver convinced the bus load that maybe we shouldn’t stop.  Well, I looked out the bus window and there was a very pretty park and bay–so who cares if the stores were open–I didn’t come to shop I came to look at the scenery. So, I am like excuse me but I think we should take a vote on this and be democratic.  Huh, well wouldn’t you know it no one, not even my tour buddies raised their hands to support me.  I was so pissed.  Well, the next part I don’t really remember the exact words but apparently I was so pissed that I said something along the lines of God-karma- and putting a curse on everyone.  So, we don’t get off the bus–mind you some of the people are squished like sardines so I would have thought that a bit of leg stretching would have been in order.
Well, there is a God and there is karma because we could not continue to the next destination spot because all of the drivers were on a schedule to make sure not one venue gets over crowed.  So instead of stopping by the bay for about 10-15 we all got to sit in a hot bus with no air conditioning while the driver stops in front of this pink house and starts to talk about the wood on the roof, the white sand that was brought on the lawn to simulate snow or some such cockamaney story–the bottom line was we were trapped sitting on the hot bus listening to some boring story because no one had wanted to get off at the bay.  Yes, sir I would say that is instant karma.
The next stop was Hell.  No, seriously that was the name of the town.

Hell, Grand Cayman

Hell, Grand Cayman island

Hell’s Gift Shop, Hell, Grand Cayman island

Hell’s Service Station, Hell, Grand Cayman island

Hell is a group of short, black, limestone formations located in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. Located in West Bay, it is roughly the size of half a soccer field. People are not allowed to be amongst the limestone formations but viewing platforms do exist for visitors.

Hell got its name

There are numerous versions of how Hell received its name, but they are generally variations on “a local official exclaimed, ‘This is what Hell must look like.'”

It is also claimed that the name “Hell” is derived from the fact that if a pebble is thrown out into the formation, it echoes amongst the limestone peaks and valleys and sounds as if the pebble is falling all the way down to “Hell.”

Regardless of how it first came to be called Hell, the name stuck and the area has become a tourist attraction, featuring a fire-engine red hell-themed post office from which you can send “postcards from hell”, and a gift shop with ‘Satan’ passing out souvenirs while greeting people with phrases like ‘How the hell are you?’ and ‘Where the hell are you from?’[1][2]

Below are my pictures of Hell.  The story continues past the pictures…

DSC00759 DSC00761 DSC00769 DSC00770 DSC00771 DSC00774

L to R, Sara, Tom and Josh

The last stop on the tour was the beach–yeah finally!!!!  It was beautiful and uneventful.  Of course the talk at dinner that night was a recap of the day and how I cursed a bus-load of people because they didn’t want to get off of the bus.

DSC00781 DSC00779 DSC00778 DSC00775

Christmas Caribbean Cruise….Part 7, Jamaica



Our first day docked was to be in Jamaica on Dec. th–Christmas Day.  Really, wow, I thought that kind of sucked for the people of Jamaica forced to work on a holiday because a cruise ship was coming into port.

Docked days were the days that I did not have to face paint–at least that is what the initial contract stated.  But hmnnn according to the schedule I was given I was supposed to face paint a two-hour shift starting at  a.m.  And I had already purchased on excursion that departed at 11 a.m.  Hmnnnn…this was not a good thing and really went contrary to the agreed upon contract.  I checked with the tour desk and I would be able to get a refund if I was not able to take the tour.  Hmnnn…okay but the whole point of my even taking the face paint job on the cruise was the stop in Jamaica.  I had run out of my favorite Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee and my Wray & Nephew, “CocoMania” coconut rum that I could only get on the island, not even on the internet.

blue-mountain-coffee-2 wncoco

Oh no, this was so unacceptable to me.  The cruise director had decided that Santa would visit the children on the ship and give them all a present.  There would be hot coco and cookies and face painting–oh lucky me.

I was also advised my the excursion desk that I would be able to take the excursion even if I was a bit late.

Okay my, ” I love Lucy” brain went into gear–how do I pull this off?  Well rather than wear my regular face painting gear I wore my beach gear with a cover-up and a skirt. I mini-sized my face paints to only the essentials for a faster clean-up and my excursion bag was ready as well.

I get to the designated location, which was the ice skating rink—hmnnn kind of chilly when you are dressed for a tropical beach. Per usual there was not table and no one really knew where I was supposed to be.  Here we go again on the one day I am not even supposed to be working.  I also noticed that the kids were just doing a quick take a picture with Santa-grab your gift and go.  No one was hanging around.  These kids and parents had cabin fever as much as I did.  And while there are activities on the ship kids and myself included need to be in the great outdoors running and playing–in my case sitting on the beach relaxing and getting a tan.

So, I am walking around the rink trying to locate a table and someone who knows what is going on when I run into the head Entertainment Director and I asked him where he would like me to set-up.  Boy, was I so happy and relieved when he told me, ” Go leave, Merry Christmas!”  “Really”, I said, “Are you sure I wont get in trouble?”  His response to me was, ” I AM the boss and if you don’t leave now I will change my mind.” Wohoo, that’s all I needed to hear.  I ran back to the room dropped off the face paints and got my excursion bag and went to meet Father Tom at Mass.  Yes, we were supposed to go on this excursion together.  We were supposed to find each other on the bus after his Mass and my face painting. So, I went to mass because I wanted to see him do service and to make sure we got out on time.  There were only eight people at the service.  I nearly fell out of my chair when Father Tom, says, “Since I am sure many of you have excursions to go on we will keep service short today ” Right after the service I immediately go to Father Tom and say, “Do you have a moment to talk?”  This was to ensure that we could do a fast getaway.  Of course Father Tom had to take his priestly paraphanaila back to his room and change into tourist gear as well.

My main objective at that point was to buy coffee and rum at one of the duty-free shops. I also realized that I did not have any sunscreen.  I figured it would be cheaper to buy in Jamaica than on the ship.  I found a small shop and got “Jamaica Browning Tanning Oil SPF 15”. I think I may have paid like $10.00 USD for a 4 fl oz bottle.  And yes it did smell like coffee extract.  So instead of laying on the beach smelling like coconut I smelled like a fresh pot of coffee.


One I got the tanning oil it was off to get the rum and coffee.  That ship could not deport without my getting my coffee and rum.  I get to the duty free shop and I get talked into buying 3 bottles of rum.  As you all know I already had a problem with excess baggage weight and now I was adding 3 bottles of rum.  I thought I will cross that bridge when I get to it.  The prime directive, to get the rum had been fulfilled.  I believe I bought 2 bags of coffee beans (last longer that ground).  I am all set to pay only to find out the computers are down–seriously?!  Well, it is Christmas after all, even the computers didn’t want to be working. Now what do I do?  It turns out they were able to hold the items, which was great because I did not want to be carting around 3 bottles of rum and two bags of coffee with me on the beach.  I would have if I had to–but it was much nicer this way.  After the coffee purchase Tom and I went to get something to eat before we got on the bus to go to the beach.  Below are some of the pictures of the Fallsworth Port and of one of the beautiful beaches in Jamaica.

DSC00713 DSC00715 DSC00716 DSC00717 DSC00718 DSC00721 DSC00724 DSC00726 DSC00728 DSC00729 DSC00738 DSC00740


Prayer Request……


My world has come crashing down on me in the last few  days.

I have had two performers quit on me as of two weeks ago and that represents about $800.00-$1000.00 of monthly income now out the door……

On Sunday when the owner of my building came over to replace the garbage disposal he informed me that he was uncomfortable with my new puppies.  The problem being he has been barked out when walking past my door upon coming home from work.  I guess he thought I would say something like I would get rid of the puppies but instead I told him that I would need a couple of months to find a new place to live.  I made a commitment to them and was not about to betray them because he is acting like an, ( I can’t say because I still live here and don’t know who might be reading this–use your imagination).

I am the one who feels betrayed here as I specifically moved into this place five years ago because I thought it was a dog friendly environment.  As a matter of fact over the past five years this person had been encouraging me to get another dog, had also stated, “I love to see a few dogs running around here.”  Well, when I decided to rescue the puppies it was with all that in mind.  And now, that I have dogs this guy is telling me he has a problem–what the fuck!!!!

A little backstory- he lives on the premises–this is a four unit building which he owns.  I have a two bedroom apt in the front, his is a 3 bedroom apt with two floors 3rd apt down from me.  He had a female roommate that brought in her boyfriend along with a dog and a visiting friend to stay for about a month. It seems that her dog was a bit aggressive to his father’s dog (which he kind of inherited as his dad said to him, either take the dog or it goes to the pound).  It’s a ten-year old dog about the size of my puppies.  Missy is not partial to him so we try to keep our distance as much as possible.

This dog is home all day long by itself and is never taken on walks.  He gets to poop in the little tiny back yard.

I, on the other hand walk Missy and the puppies minimum 3X a day.  I take Missy to the dog beach, and I take all three doggies on Fridays when I have to get costumes to my performers.  Puppies don’t listen well enough yet to be taken to a beach or a park.  I work 90% of the time from my home so my dogs and cats are mostly supervised.  And he is not comfortable around a little barking?!!!!

You know I really wanted to go off on this person but I literally had to bite my tongue to stay in control.

I reminded him that for the past five years he had encouraged me to get a dog and now that I did he tells me this.  Well, he didn’t imagine I would get puppies.  I informed him I have two cats no way could I get an older dog and besides that an older dog also would not work with Missy.  Puppies can be acclimated with other pets.

So, I now have a month to train my pups not to bark or I need to move out.  I could just cry.  I wanted to cry yesterday but I didn’t I was still in shock.  It is episodes like this that trigger my depression and suicidal thoughts–the idea of being homeless with five pets is quite the trigger–always has been for me. I think I didn’t cry to keep me from going there.  I felt it, I felt the pull of the imaginary trigger, even saw my final note that I would leave written on the wall. My final message to all the assholes in my life and those who have sent me close to the edge of that dark abyss….

The truth of the matter is that I have been wanting to move out for a while.  I applied for a house in January but got turned down.  It would have been perfect for me and my business–so that was a bit depressing.  Then I saw the notice about the girls and thought well maybe that was why I didn’t get the house so that I could rescue the littles (that what I am calling them now–the littles).

It’s not just the house,or the performers, or the puppies. It is also the situation I have with my mother and work.  My mother helps me with my costumes and some of them are at her place–but we have a very toxic relationships.  On the one hand she helps me but on the other hand it is as if there is this invisible hammer that I get clobbered over the head with every time I am there.  There is a litany of things that I hear such as, “you’re fat, I hate this job, the biggest mistake was you moving to Long Beach, why do you waste your time going to school?”–there is more but I am sure you get the point.  It’s all words that invalidate who I am and the choices I have made. So ever Friday evening when I leave I feel a bit broken.  How can I face the challenges that my life presents with the people in my immediate circle beating me up emotionally?

This weekend my mother goes out of town for three weeks, which means I am at her place 2-3 times a week to do what she normally does for me.  And I have 4 weeks to train my new puppies?  And I still have five weeks of school left.

Yes, I just want to cry right now.  I will choose to be homeless living out of my car before I abandon any of my babies.  I can’t even tell this to my mother because every time I have a problem or challenge rather than being supportive or nurturing she takes it upon herself to tell me everything she thinks I am doing wrong with my life–no, no emotional support there at all.  My mother did not get that gene, at least not for me she didn’t.  Besides the emotional abuse for the past two weeks she and her husband have had fights in front of my performers–how humiliating is that?!!

My plan was something like this, finish the semester, hire some new performers, get a new place for my costumes and then look for a new place to live.

But my world has just crashed in on me like a house of cards.  I feel betrayed. Betrayed by the owner of the building who for five years lead me to believe he was a different type of person.

And what have I lived with here?  Well the disposal that he came to fix has been broken for over two months.  He fixed something with the sink and when he left I noticed the disposal leaking–not wanting to deal with him yet again I put a bucket under the sink.  It has not been the first time I just deal with something myself because the response is so slow in coming that I just take care of things as best as I can at times.  Nothing that ever gets fixed is ever done 100%–mostly half way.  The building got painted this ugly beige/gray color but the fence was left this gray-blue.

I have no central heating or airconditioning.  Who knew? I thought all buildings had central heat and air–guess what they don’t.  There was an old furnace type of floor heater but the guy took it out because he was afraid the building might catch on fire.

I moved in and there were roaches–the place never got fogged or fumigated in between tenants.  The carpeting in the bedrooms I shampooed four times in a row to get the smell of dog urine out of it as the previous owners had a puppy.  Carpets should have been replaced before I moved in but they weren’t.  Hence why I am not too concerned what my puppies do or do not do as they were already damaged.  A huge rock was thrown through the front window–well the broken window got replaces but not the screen where the rock came through so I have a screen with a huge hole in it.  I now have bars on the window which does make me feel safer.

How did a rock get thrown through my front window?  Well the guess is that is was the same kids who broke into one of the cars out in the parking in the back that saw the police and a report being filed.  We are guessing they were giving us a “warning”.  Warning my ass they got reported to the police, who came out, took a report and took the rock to check for prints.

There is more but I am too tired at the moment to go into the other things didn’t get done or got done part way.

Before the nice young girl moved into the apt next door to me there was a couple with two very aggressive dogs.  Mind you Missy was just a 2 year old puppy when we moved in and every time we walked by they would try to jump to the screen to get at us.  They were so aggressive that they would even come up to my screen door to growl at Missy.  The dogs were put into cages–you could see them in the living room.  And they were never taken on walks–they were allowed to pee and poop in the back and the owners never picked up after them.  I could not open my bedroom or kitchen windows because the stench was so bad.  I never complained because I knew they were going to move out in a couple of months.  The people were nice but just irresponsible when it came to their dogs.  But I am not them.  Maybe this guy is having flashbacks to them because I know it cost quite a bit to fix the place after they moved out.  But I am not them. I am quite responsible with my pets and my job.

Yes, I hate doing housework–but I don’t leave poop or pee just lying around me–I can’t stand the smell.  I have been vacuuming and shampooing my bedroom carpet for the last two weeks since I got the puppies.  I have been mopping with vinegar and orange oil to get any smells out.

I am so frustrated right now.  I know I have to get a trainer was going to do that anyways.  Like I said I have been wanting to move and had applied for a house but got turned down.  I have  a bankruptcy on my record that could be why and it scares me because I am afraid that I won’t be able to find a new place to live, that and the fact that financially I am not in a place to move, security deposits and movers all cost money.  It would wipe me out at the moment.  And my mother is not an option.  My family would just tell me to get rid of the dogs–they don’t understand my love of animals or why I am Vegan or the words loyalty and commitment.

I am debating on whether I should write him a letter stating that I have been thinking about moving since January and for him not to worry that he would be stuck with us but that I would appreciate at least getting through the summer if not sooner.  Any advice?

So my friends, I am asking for your prayers and positive thoughts. I need to get past the  depression, the suicidal thoughts, the shock so I can move forward with finding a permanent solution to my dilemma at the moment.

thank you,




I just met this amazing young boy here on wordpress.  I wanted to share his story with all of you but I could not find the reblog feature on his wp page.  Here is the link,


Me With My Pet Goat



I was born with Phocomelia which means I don’t have much in the way of limbs. I have a little stump (I call it an arm) for my right arm and I have a little left leg that doesn’t have a femur only a shin bone. I have two toes on that foot.

I am very clever on computer and I love playing games instead of schoolwork. I have a game called CLAW which is a sidesscrolling game and it has 14 levels but I am only up to level 3 at the minute.

I speak English very good and write it too, by holding a pen or pencil in my teeth and mouth. Mummy is typing this as I tell her what to write because she wont let me go on her laptop – I have to use my own, which is her old one.

I have to go now and I am hoping that I can come to the UK soon as it’s been 2 months since we asked for a passport and the third time altogether. I hope I get my passport.Please pray that I get it soon so that I can go to school and learn some new things in that good country and so can I tell the people there all about the wonderful country I was born in and am from. It has many beautiful places, wonderful animals and friendly people. I hope we can all become good friends and visit each other and learn about each others culture.

Thank you  from Tony

Puppy Invasion…..Part 4


If you have noticed I haven’t done too much posting lately.  The reason being the puppies. When I have a free moment I am taking a nap to catch up on sleep.  Our schedules are beginning to merge a bit better.

Well, what I have been doing is keeping them up late with me so that they will sleep a bit later in the morning.

Seems to be working ok so far at least for me.  I am writing this at 2:44 A.M and I feel alert and not like crashing–yes that seems more like myself indeed.

Well, I decided a couple of months ago that I should feed Missy vegetarian dog food. Oh horrors you say–dogs are carnivores.  Yes, that would be correct the wild dog who lives out in the wild is indeedy a carnivore.  However, dogs who sleep on human beds and have a wardrobe and live a pampered life with trips to the beach can be vegetarians.  Actually, my dogs Amber & Topaz were vegetarians and quite healthy.  Amber a Doberman/Shepard mix lived to be 14 1/2 years old–quite an old dog for the size of the breed.  She was never sick with the exception of having a stroke and she lived about 9 months after the stroke.  Topaz a brindle, American Staff Terrier lived one month short of her 12th B-day, apparently she had a tumor on a spleen that burst. But other than that and a doggie flu that she came home from the pound with always healthy.

Now, why in the world would I want my dogs to be vegetarian, you ask?  Well in January after seeing a few posts on the diary industry I decided it was time to go back to being Vegan.  Now Vegan isn’t just about your diet–it’s really about cruelty free-living in all areas of your life such as food, clothes, and the products you buy.  And yes, if you are Vegan and buy animal products for your pets–yes people will call you a hypocrite.

But there’s another reason as well.  I was watching this amazing video of a lecture that Gary Yourofsky, an amazing warrior,  did at Georgia Tech University, . One of the students asked him isn’t it hypocritical if you feed your dogs meat?  And he said yes, that is why his dog is vegetarian. He then went on to tell the following information.  When dogs and cats are euthanized at the pounds no they do not get buried or cremated.  The dead bodies get sold to meat rendering factories, which in turn sell their product as “meat by-product” to pet food companies.  Gary said we are turning or dogs into cannibels.  Mad cow disease came about because cows were being fed dead cows–ugh gross!!!  I also came across a link to an article on Facebook that addressed this very issue.  Well that was enough for me-my decision was made.

For the past two months I have been feeding Missy Salmon and Sweet potato from Natural Balance both canned and nuggets.  The dry food costs about $60.00 for a 28 lb bag.  This stuff is not cheap-let me tell you. But it last us a month.  Well, with the puppies the bag only lasted a little over a week–yikes!!!


However, the last time I went to Petco the All vegetarian dry dog food by Nature’s recipe was on sale for $45.00–wow, $15.00 less.  I thought why not let’s try it–and I did, no seriously I tasted it.  I figured it’s vegetarian so it’s not like there is anything in it that’s going to harm me.  It was YUCK!!!! It tasted like cardboard, how did my dogs eat this?  well, the pups having come from a shelter will eat just about anything–Ms. Missy on the other hand not so much.  I had also gotten the all vegetarian canned food as well–no, that I did not taste test.


Missy was not having it.  I had to mix some of the cat food with fish in it for Missy to eat it–argh–the food was costly so somehow they were going to eat it.  Ok–since they all seemed to like the Salmon and Sweet potato–I went to the supermarket and got a can of sweet potatoes and two cans of salmon for human consumption.  So this morning I am going to mix it all together–my beginning attempts are creating my own version of dog food.

I opened up the sweet potatoes and mixed it in all three bowls–not a problem.  And then I opened the can of salmon.  Now mind you I am expecting it to be like tuna, all chunky and flakey.  No, not so much.  No this thing looked like a chunk of salmon with the head and tail merely cut off–It still had skin and dear lord it still had the spine and bones–Oh gag me with a spoon!!!!

I couldn’t just scoop it up and give it to them.  I had to remove the spine and bones.  Imagine, I have been vegetarian for the past 20 years and I have not touched meat in those 20 years  and I have to take out the spine and bones.  Dear God, I thought I was going to pass out.  Only for my doggies would I do this, not even for a man.  I got through it all and they got fed…but there is a second can of salmon and this grossness will have to be repeated all over again.  I think I will switch them to tuna–at least I can stomach that.

Puppy Invasion….Part Three

sleeping pups

Day two of the puppy invasion finds me getting up at 7:00 A.M. to let the puppies out.

I hear the crying, I hear the whining. I know it’s time to jump out of bed before accidents occur. So, there I am in my jammies–not really awake letting them out the front door. And suddenly I hear the metal scream door slam behind me……ohhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooo. It was locked and I didn’t have my keys. I could call out to Missy like they do on TV but she neither knows how to unlock the door or grab the keys and slide them under the small opening.

Actually I think Missy was outside in the back, with the small apt size washing machine blocking the opening to the doggie door because she had burst through the other day after I put the little plastic door in the slot. Boy that would have been something to get on video Missy breaking through a small wall of plastic.

The good news was that I could get back in through the kitchen door.

The bad news was that there was a six-foot locked gate that was preventing me from reaching the kitchen door.

And may I remind you I am still in my jammies. What do I do? What do I do? Think–think!!!

Well, if I could climb over the gate then I could get back in. But how do I climb over the six foot gate? Think–think—.

My desk came with this ornate and heavy wooden chair that was too large for the inside. I had painted it gold to use as a decoration for my 50’ith pirate themed Birthday party and it has been outside ever since. The only problem with the chair is that it had no backing and no bottom seat. It was mostly a heavy frame. It was being used as a plant holder.

I take the plant off of the chair and somehow manage to drag it around to where the gate is somehow I got it past two trees that are growing in close proximity to each other.

Now the chair having no seat meant that I had to somehow balance on the arms of the chair, to then get one leg over the side of the wooden gate.

Now wooden gates are not designed to be climbed over so hence there is no place upon which to put your foot once you get the leg over the gate. Truly someone should have been videotaping this to put up on google or submit to the TV show America’s Funniest Home Videos–mind you I did not find any of this funny nor was I laughing. And of course as Missy starts to hear the ruckus I am making she starts to bark. Oh and the puppies, where are they you ask. They are by my front door, which is really the side of the property and I left the front gate ajar so I would not be locked out of the property.

Oh why didn’t I call the owner or the manager–well the owner is the manager and he has a 9-5 job, so I would have been waiting outside till the evening. Now my ex-husband has a set of keys to my place but I didn’t want to bother him either.

So, imagine if you will a 51-year-old woman in her jammies with a heavy, painted gold frame of a chair pushed against a 6 foot gate trying to climb over it. And not even a cup of coffee yet.

Yes, I somehow managed to climb over the gate, push open the kitchen door and retrieve the puppies from the outside.

It’s a theme actually. When I was married I went to take Amber & Topaz for a walk and managed to lock myself out of home. But then I called my husband and made him leave work to let me back in–so you see why even though he had a set of key I just could not call him.

And then there was another time, when Missy and I moved to Long Beach that I had managed to lock my self out with Missy in tow. And that time I did call the owner of the building–I think it was a Saturday so he wasn’t working–again why I could not call him either.

So, with the puppies that now makes 3 times in my life that I have been locked out of home with doggies in tow.

I do not go out the door now at all unless there is a set of keys in my pockets…….

Missy and Marly

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Del griego moderno ημερολόγιο (imerológio) "diario o calendario", a su vez de ημέρα (iméra) "día u horas de sol" y λόγια (lógia), "palabras o estudio". En fin, estudio del diario: de los días, de los años, del tiempo, de la vida; en forma de palabras.

Vegan Astronaut

A collection of vegan recipes, space stuff and my journey through Mars One


Unsolicited Social Commentary


Living Vegan In Charlotte, NC - Easy Vegan Recipes - Vegan Restaurant, Product, and Cookbook Reviews

Chitra's Healthy Kitchen

Recipes for healthy living


the politics of the feminine, by marnie olson

Global + Local = Glocal (Me)

Just a Local girl, living in a Global Wor-or-orld. . . .

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