Puppy Invasion…..Part 4


If you have noticed I haven’t done too much posting lately.  The reason being the puppies. When I have a free moment I am taking a nap to catch up on sleep.  Our schedules are beginning to merge a bit better.

Well, what I have been doing is keeping them up late with me so that they will sleep a bit later in the morning.

Seems to be working ok so far at least for me.  I am writing this at 2:44 A.M and I feel alert and not like crashing–yes that seems more like myself indeed.

Well, I decided a couple of months ago that I should feed Missy vegetarian dog food. Oh horrors you say–dogs are carnivores.  Yes, that would be correct the wild dog who lives out in the wild is indeedy a carnivore.  However, dogs who sleep on human beds and have a wardrobe and live a pampered life with trips to the beach can be vegetarians.  Actually, my dogs Amber & Topaz were vegetarians and quite healthy.  Amber a Doberman/Shepard mix lived to be 14 1/2 years old–quite an old dog for the size of the breed.  She was never sick with the exception of having a stroke and she lived about 9 months after the stroke.  Topaz a brindle, American Staff Terrier lived one month short of her 12th B-day, apparently she had a tumor on a spleen that burst. But other than that and a doggie flu that she came home from the pound with always healthy.

Now, why in the world would I want my dogs to be vegetarian, you ask?  Well in January after seeing a few posts on the diary industry I decided it was time to go back to being Vegan.  Now Vegan isn’t just about your diet–it’s really about cruelty free-living in all areas of your life such as food, clothes, and the products you buy.  And yes, if you are Vegan and buy animal products for your pets–yes people will call you a hypocrite.

But there’s another reason as well.  I was watching this amazing video of a lecture that Gary Yourofsky, an amazing warrior,  did at Georgia Tech University, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Weto6obyzQ . One of the students asked him isn’t it hypocritical if you feed your dogs meat?  And he said yes, that is why his dog is vegetarian. He then went on to tell the following information.  When dogs and cats are euthanized at the pounds no they do not get buried or cremated.  The dead bodies get sold to meat rendering factories, which in turn sell their product as “meat by-product” to pet food companies.  Gary said we are turning or dogs into cannibels.  Mad cow disease came about because cows were being fed dead cows–ugh gross!!!  I also came across a link to an article on Facebook that addressed this very issue.  Well that was enough for me-my decision was made.

For the past two months I have been feeding Missy Salmon and Sweet potato from Natural Balance both canned and nuggets.  The dry food costs about $60.00 for a 28 lb bag.  This stuff is not cheap-let me tell you. But it last us a month.  Well, with the puppies the bag only lasted a little over a week–yikes!!!


However, the last time I went to Petco the All vegetarian dry dog food by Nature’s recipe was on sale for $45.00–wow, $15.00 less.  I thought why not let’s try it–and I did, no seriously I tasted it.  I figured it’s vegetarian so it’s not like there is anything in it that’s going to harm me.  It was YUCK!!!! It tasted like cardboard, how did my dogs eat this?  well, the pups having come from a shelter will eat just about anything–Ms. Missy on the other hand not so much.  I had also gotten the all vegetarian canned food as well–no, that I did not taste test.


Missy was not having it.  I had to mix some of the cat food with fish in it for Missy to eat it–argh–the food was costly so somehow they were going to eat it.  Ok–since they all seemed to like the Salmon and Sweet potato–I went to the supermarket and got a can of sweet potatoes and two cans of salmon for human consumption.  So this morning I am going to mix it all together–my beginning attempts are creating my own version of dog food.

I opened up the sweet potatoes and mixed it in all three bowls–not a problem.  And then I opened the can of salmon.  Now mind you I am expecting it to be like tuna, all chunky and flakey.  No, not so much.  No this thing looked like a chunk of salmon with the head and tail merely cut off–It still had skin and dear lord it still had the spine and bones–Oh gag me with a spoon!!!!

I couldn’t just scoop it up and give it to them.  I had to remove the spine and bones.  Imagine, I have been vegetarian for the past 20 years and I have not touched meat in those 20 years  and I have to take out the spine and bones.  Dear God, I thought I was going to pass out.  Only for my doggies would I do this, not even for a man.  I got through it all and they got fed…but there is a second can of salmon and this grossness will have to be repeated all over again.  I think I will switch them to tuna–at least I can stomach that.

6 Responses to “Puppy Invasion…..Part 4”

  1. ramblingsfromamum Says:

    Yes I know the ‘belief’ is that a dog should eat meat, but like humans they can have a balanced diet. When I mind pups I usually give them a raw egg on toast for breakfast or tuna or sardines – they love it. For dinner the food is brought by the owners. Charlie whom I mind regularly had a terrible allergy itching and scratching all the time, then his ‘mum’ started making his dinner, rice mince chicken or beef (a little) and veggies, throw in a bit of soup stock for a ‘gravy’ and he woofs (pardon the pun) down. Dogs like us, need variety and not the same thing every night, Charlie no longer itches or scratches! Yay for home cooking. I do like to give them a lamb or beef brisket bone to gnaw on also, good for their teeth and gums. Buying ready manufactured is very expensive and looking at those prices yes would cost a lot to feed 3 dogs let alone 2 growing ones. They love soup- veg, pasta, so many options can be given. Amber and Topaz certainly did live for a longer than expected life – bless ’em. These 3 have a wonderful caring mum even though her eyes are hanging out of head! Sleep well. xxx

  2. Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate....Ivonne's Journey Says:

    –her eyes are hanging out of head!–yes, this line had me on the floor laughing my butt off…I am seriously considering just cooking real food for my dogs. They are all getting vitamins daily as well. Seriously, these dogs are eating better than I am at the moment!!!

  3. terry1954 Says:

    I see nothing wrong with having your pets becoming vegans. Dogs don’t need extra fat on them. It destroys them and the junk that is in a lot of dog foods is way too scary. all natural all vegan all the way!

    • Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate....Ivonne's Journey Says:

      Thank you for the support Terry. Yes, I am looking into what is healthy and cost effective at the same time–who knows it may even imporve my diet as well.

  4. jmgoyder Says:

    You are so wonderful!

    • Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate....Ivonne's Journey Says:

      I don’t know about wonderful–lol but crazy yes, 🙂

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