Maddy Update 2

maddy after surgeryi


Hello all,

Quick update.  I just picked Maddy up from the vet…$1100.00 later, thank goodness for credit cards.

She is fine from her cherry eye surgery–although I have to say that picture really does look scary.  It freaked me out when I picked her up.  The vet says the lump is her lymph nodes and hopefully it’s just an infection that antibiotics will take care of.  So hoping for that.  I wont have the results of the biopsy for another 48 hours.

In the meantime that lovely cone is supposed to stay on her for 7-10 days.  Days not hours…dear God.   I have to put drops in her eyes 3 times a day starting tomorrow.  Have you ever put drops in a dogs or cats eyes?  Seriously, so not fun.

The antibiotics are pills 2 X a day.  Pills are much easier you can hide them in treats.

Of course, I had to hand feed her some kibble as she can’t reach the food in the bowl with the cone on.  Hmnn, I may have to make the cone a little shorter in a few days.  Honestly I was expecting her to have some kind of goggles on like when I had my lasik eye surgery.  I think I’ll google that and see what I can find.

So Maddy is home safe and sound, separated from Missy and Marly as they are much too curious around her.

I will update when I have the biopsy test results.  Also Missy has worms, so I have to take care of that as well.

Good times….good times…….


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22 Responses to “Maddy Update 2”

  1. ramblingsfromamum Says:

    That cone is huge!!! why on earth so large? Yes it can be chopped down. Poor little love her eyes look sore 😦 Let’s just hope that it is just an infection ..fingers everything crossed! I know the expense for animals is hard, but then could you now be without her? How long do you have to keep them apart for? They won’t enjoy that much 😦 Good luck with the tablets and the worming – and thoughts with you and her over the next 48 hours xxxx

  2. Terry Says:

    so glad she came out of surgery with good news!!!! Yeah!!! keeping that cone on will be the big issue! LOL

  3. sakuraandme Says:

    Oh no! The poor wee love. At least she came out of surgery okay. My fingers are crossed for her results. Get some much needed rest, Ivonne! Hugs Paula xxxxx

  4. Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate....Ivonne's Journey Says:

    Paula, I would love to be getting on a plane and going to Jamaica for a weekend…..



  5. Maryanne Says:

    Poor baby. Wishing her a quick recovery. xo

  6. A Star on the Forehead Says:

    Those sad puppy eyes tug at my heart! I hope she feels better real soon! Blessings to both of you! 🙂

  7. theabilitytolove Says:

    I get this so well! My boy has been sick on and off for three months. It was a nightmare and I didn’t have a credit card either, while the costs were astronomical. Were it not for some very loving friends who also loved animals, my boy might not be alive today.

    There is no way to describe our love for our pets and what we will do for them.

    By the way, that cone is horrendous. Look on Amazon for a cone called, “Comfy Cone”. I SWEAR this was a total life saver and my boy was super comfortable in it. I mean he hates cones anyway, but the comfie cone was totally doable compared to that hard plastic contraption! Look into it. It’s not expensive either and so well worth the money to keep them comfortable, especially if they have to wear that God forsaken thing for awhile! Poor thang! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  8. Kitt Crescendo Says:

    Glad she’s safe. Said prayers when I saw your request on FB. (Glad you also posted there as I’m a bit behind on my blog reads.) As for eye drops? They can be a pain, but fortunately, the dog I had to do those to was nice enough to look up and be patient.

  9. celestedimilla Says:

    Hey Ivonne! I’m so glad Maddy is doing well. What a bummer that she has to wear the cone for so long. I remember when Mambo had to wear one – it was a pain. I know that you’ve got other stresses and financial worries at the moment, so I hope the vet bill isn’t overwhelming you too much. That’s a big bill! Celeste 🙂

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