I have just spent two hours on hold with Chase Bank.  The situation is this I had one payee that Chase decided that my online payment to them needed to be held pending a review by risk review. Here is the actual message: Payee is being researched by Risk operations and has not yet been decisioned.   This has now happened for 3 weeks in a row.  I have called to find out why this is happening.  I am told that they can not tell me why.  I also can not cancell the payments.  The money is now frozen by Chase.  I asked for a superviser–they also can not tell me anything.  As an American I feel like I have been raped and violated.  Each person I talk to tells me that Chase will not release the reason my money/payments are being held.  My money is not safe at Chase. Your money is not safe at Chase. Why won’t they give me an answer? They tell me it can happen again.  What? So, if I make a payment to someone Chase gets to decide if they will pay it or not?  I need to trust that when I deposit my money and when I make a bill payment that it will be paid.  Just to note when you issue a check through online banking the money automatically gets taken out of your account.

Folks this is really serious.  This is Facism, this is comunism.  The bank can not hold funds or freeze money in your accounts and then not tell you why.  I do not feel safe.  Chase bank has made me feel not safe.  And you all know that I am pretty fearless so for me to say that I do not feel safe is pretty big.  I am afraid to use my account. I am afraid to put my money in Chase bank. I am afraid to make payments through online banking.  If I do not get an answer as to why this is happening I am going to take my money out of chase bank.  I do not feel like Chase bank is a safe institition to bank with.  I am sure the girl on the other end of the phone line thought I was crazy when I started talking about this is not a communist country–you can not take my money and freeze payments indefinitely and then not tell me why.  THIS HAS HAPPENED FOR THREE WEEKS IN A ROW—-AND NO ONE WILL TELL ME ANYTHING!!!!!!   I feel like I am talking to pre-programmed robots on the other end of the phone.

Has this happened to anyone out there with Chase or any other bank?  Are there any lawyers out there that can advise me?  I do not think it is legal for Chase bank to do this. If this has happened to you please call Chase bank and ask them why.

Please share this status.  People need to know what Chase bank is doing. I honestly do not feel like anyone’s money is safe at Chase Bank.

15 Responses to “CHASE BANK IS NOT SAFE”

  1. ramblingsfromamum Says:

    OMG hun, this is disgusting behaviour by a bank. I’m guessing it is because of the financial situation in the States. I do not think this is legal at all, perhaps they are about to go under? Good luck sweet, this is deplorable. 😦 xxx (hugs)

  2. ramblingsfromamum Says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings From A Mum and commented:
    For my American readers regarding the deplorable behaviour from Chase Bank. If you use them ~ please read this.

  3. Robin Leigh Morgan Says:

    Hi Ivonne

    I don’t have a checking account with Chase. However, I believe the problem lies with the payments involved being of an international nature. If these are payments occur on a regular on-going basis it would seem some protocols with Chase have not been done or completed. I Googled the topic “Chase international payments” and found this link.

    Please let me know if this proves to be of some benefit to your situation.

    All the best.

    Robin Leigh Morgan

  4. Robin Leigh Morgan Says:

    I’ve got several recurring payments such as Netflix, OnStar, newspaper delivery. However, I use my credit card to make these payments and I’ve never experienced any problems. Once/twice a month I check my credit card on line, and make an online payment to my credit card. I first time I did it I had to fill out a form for both, the bill I’m paying and my credit card when I made my first online payment

    Hope this has helped you resolve your situation if the first suggestion I gave you was either wrong for your situation or it was wrong.

    Robin Leigh Morgan

  5. Terry Says:

    I am sorry this is happening. I think it is terrible. They owe you an explanation. Keep asking for someone in a higher position and higher and so on. Someone knows the answer

  6. Eric Tonningsen Says:

    For similar reasons reasons coupled with endless fees, I terminated my relationships with Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America. Too big to fail and too big to deliver genuine customer service. I do all of my banking with a local bank and LOVE it! I have heard good things from people who do their banking with/through local Credit Unions. Just say no to the 800 pound gorillas. It’s that easy.

  7. Sofia Leo Says:

    I refuse to bank with any of the large institutions here in the US – I use a local credit union for everything and have never had a problem. I’ve had issues with Wells Fargo, Washington Mutual AND Chase and won’t use them ever again. Just close the account – it’s the only way they’ll get the message that their customers are unhappy!

  8. sakuraandme Says:

    Wow, Ivonne! That’s terrible. I didn’t think any bank could do that!
    Damn I would definitely pull my money from their bank. Hopefully since you posted this you’ve had a better outcome?
    Have a great weekend, Hugs Paula xxx

  9. Judi Says:

    I have an account with Chase, too. No problems as of yet. But, this is a frightening scenario. I cannot afford for them to freeze my account especially if no one can explain. Hmmm… I have also heard that it’s better to use a credit union, but their hours are horrible for me. However, I may consider re-opening my credit union account. Thanks for the news Ivonne. I hope your situation is resolved quickly and favorably for you. Peace.

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