My Wayshower Dream & 2020

In my early 20’s I had what at the time I thought was a very bizarre dream. In this dream Earth was in a war. My job in this war was to take people to safety through a portal which looked like a doorway. The people I was trying to help were fighting me—they were not coming willingly even though I was taking them to a better, safer space where there was no war occurring. I was very frustrated in the dream and I asked out loud, “Why won’t they come with me?” This is when a person appeared in my dream that I would describe as Jesus. He said to me,” They don’t remember the contracts they made with you. You are a wayshower.” And then I woke up. Back then there was no internet and not google. All we had was the dictionary, a thesaurus and the encyclopedia Britannica. At that time I had no idea what a “wayshower” was—I had never heard of the word and the answer was not to be found in the dictionary. The following Sunday I was at a Unity Church service and there was a small pamphlet in the pews. There was a paragraph which stated, “that Jesus was a wayshower.” I had a better understanding of the word but didn’t really see how it applied in my life. This is not a dream I have shared with many people, maybe one or two, because it definitely sounds crazy. Today I definitely see where this applies in my life now, given the circumstances in which our society and Earth/Gaia finds itself in.

I think I became a wayshower when I went vegan 8 years ago for the animals. When most people go vegan you start researching diet, nutrition, etc. I became vegans for the animals and started advocating for the animals and a plant based diet back in 2011. I advocated against animal cruelty, when that didn’t make an impact I connected the consumption of dead animals and to health consequences—that didn’t make a dent. People have their addictions and really just don’t want to give them up. I advocated for the animals in connection with the environment and even then people just didn’t really care. Have you any idea how heartbreaking this can be? When no matter in which perspective you approach a subject no one seems to care. Little did I know that this was to be my bootcamp. Yes, bootcamp training for what was to come. People not caring was one thing but let me tell you everyone has something to say about diet…..did I say vegan was a diet? No, It is not a diet it is a philosophy of life in which one commits to not use or abuse animals. You can read more about that journey here , My coming out story……. | My Vegan Heart Blog (, lest we digress. So bootcamp, yes preparing me for what was to come. You see as a vegan whenever you post an article that has to do with the animals it always comes with trolls….you know the type those that claim not eating meat will kill you yet here I stand 9 years later. Trolls who torment you, don’t read what you post etc etc etc but always have something to say whether or not they have any facts or data to back them up. Vegan bootcamp was to prepare me to become a Patriot. It was in 2016 during the democratic primaries where Bernie Sanders got screwed that I demexited and registered Green and wound up voting for Jill Stein— you can read those details here My #walkawaycampaign story. | Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate….Ivonne’s Journey (

The wayshower dream/vison I had in my early 20’s is about what I am doing now. There are two major events that are happening now in the world which are both leading  to the same point in time. Politically President Trump is fighting the deep state/cabal. It’s your basic good vs evil fight type of movie but it’s not a movie it’s real life in this 3D Earth Plane. Metaphysically/spiritually Earth is moving from the 3D dimension to the 5D dimension, think heaven on Earth, think revelations—“there will be a new heaven and a new earth…” The convergence comes in Nesara/Gesara—humanity being freed from being slaves of the cabal. This is the point where most people will call me a conspiracy theorist—- They come from the “orange man bad”, “ Q is not real”, “anons are white supremacist” , “ Biden won and is good” (so far from the truth) and let’s not forget the “plannedemic”.  Sure there is a virus like the cold or the flu that has a 99.4 % recovery rate—is that .6% enough to shut the world down? No, not really unless you are planning on driving people into fear to install the New World Order. This is what Trump and the Q anons are fighting. It is very frustrating when people are just not seeing the evil that is occurring in the world right now. I and we are trying to get them to that better place, trying to get them to see how we have been manipulated trying to show them a better way but they refuse. Just like in my dream/vision they are fighting me. 5D Earth is vegan and you need to be vibrating at a high level to make the jump at this time. The portal opens on Dec 21, 2020, which if we were still using the Mayan calendar the date would actually be Dec 21, 2012—go figure we lost a few years in the translation to the Gregorian calendar. Nesara/Gesara is the National Economic Security and Reformation Act / Global Economic Security and Reformation Act—in a nutshell it means all debts forgiven, a return to constitutional law and releases larges sums of money to the people—heaven on earth/5 D earth. Maybe we are chasing rainbow unicorns here but we will never know if Pres. Trump does not have another 4 years to drain the swamp of the deep state/cabal. I should be isolating myself and meditating and just preparing for Dec 21, 2020 and yet here I am in another attempt to get as many people to the other side of the portal where there is safety and heaven on earth. The  most important things you can do is to go vegan, pray, meditate and support Pres. Trump in his efforts to bring down the deep state/ cabal.



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