Happy 4th of July



Happy Independence Day!!!


As a child I used to love going down to Santa Monica Pier to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July.

As the adult owner of three dogs—not so much.

I have to say that this has been by far the worst 4th of July I have ever experienced.


For starters it seems that fireworks are quite legal in Palmdale. Yes, I have seen the stands all over town for the past two weeks.




And yes the occasional firecracker has been going off for the past two weeks–not fun, so not fun.

Marley already has PTSD—this is so not the holiday for her.


I decided to buy her one of those thunder shirts, that are supposed to calm dogs–like giving them a continual hug.

I measured Marley to make sure I got the right size as these shirts cost $40.00. I bought the correct size based on her measurements and the shirt was still a tad large. If you scroll down you will see a picture of Marley in the shirt and the condition currently of the shirt as Marley has been trying to chew it off.

I had a face painting job today at the Calabasas Swim & Tennis Club.

Good thing the job started at 3:00 pm because I got to bed at 5:00 am after spending a few hours putting together my face paints and looking for 4th of July designs on the internet.

What was interesting was that I found some of the same pictures that a colleague had emailed out to all the party people as her face paint designs.–Hmnn–mental note for next year find cute designs on the web and claim them as my own.

I barely sit down to face paint when some mother starts complaining that her child should be first. Really? Because it seems to me that another mother had come up to me while I was setting up and asked me where the line was and I told her, just wait over there. So the mother who thought her child should be first per me was actually the fourth child to get in line. I’m thinking I haven’t even painted a face yet and no one has been there more than five minutes and the adults are already arguing over who should be first. Yes there are shy children in the world who don’t know how to wait in line and just let other children in front of them. That does happen. Here’s the thing when I am hired to face paint I do just that face paint. I look up and monitor the line as best as I can but t is not my job to teach your child to be more assertive. I did have two kids in line arguing over who was next. And how do I solve that one?   Simple I tell them if they don’t stop arguing in my line neither one of them is going to get painted. That usually gets the kids behaving better—but excuse me where are the parents and why aren’t they parenting? Oh it’s a country club they are having drinks by the pool.


Here are three of the designs I did today.

Butterfly 1                heart design princess 1



Now knowing that my residential area was going to be shooting off fireworks all over the place my plan was to get down with work at 5:00 pm race home let the doggies out before it all started.

No such luck. I got a call while on the job that a performers relative had passed away and they were catching the next plane back to the east coast. My thoughts on the matter are better left unsaid. However I shall say that I was not able to go to my own grandfathers funeral because I had work commitments.

So that being said I had to stop at my mom’s and prepare another performers costume to cover those jobs.

My plans to be home before dark just flew out the window. But I did try. As I pulled off the freeway exit I could already see the fireworks going off at 8:30 pm. It wasn’t even totally dark yet.

In retrospect I should have quietly walked into the house and pretended I wasn’t home because just my arrival got all the girls going.

Of course I had left them in three separate areas away from each other—-lest they were to get to riled up and a fight break out while I was not home.

I quickly realized that they still needed to be kept separated as the two pups were going nuts with noise. Marley got put in the bathroom–quite den like and I thought safe as she could not destroy anything in the bathroom or hurt anyone else.

Missy and Maddy–who seem to get along lately were put into my bedroom.

All the plans to clean and organize went out the window. In all the surrounding neighborhoods fireworks were being set off. Go to the back yard and I see fireworks. Go to the front yard and I see fireworks. Three houses down the neighbors apparently had a huge arsenal of fireworks such that at 11 pm they were still shooting them off. I have such a headache–it really sounds like a war zone around here. Even the cat started freaking out it was so loud. I can’t imagine how people who actually live in a war zone do it—wow. I know it’s not really a war zone just fireworks—but the air is smokey and smells horrible as well.  And the way the wind was blowing those damn things were literally going off on my rooftop.  I was afraid the house might catch fire–quite scary actually.

I had seen this meme on face book earlier today letting people know vets live in the home be c careful with fireworks. I didn’t really understand how fireworks could really trigger PTSD until tonight.

vet meme


It really felt like a war zone so I could only imagine our vets who had served were going through. I did some research and many of them avoid fireworks.

11:15 pm –the neighbors finally ceased fire–I go outside–yes people are getting into cars and leaving–yay. I let Marley out of the bathroom and then I go to let Maddy and Missy out of the bedroom….well come to find out they somehow managed to lock themselves in the bedroom from the inside……

There is that moment of panic as I think how am I going to unlock the door from the outside. After the panic fades I think –the French doors. There is a set of French doors from the bedroom that goes to the back yard. If those doors are unlocked I can let them out that way. The French doors were locked but for the first time since I moved in I see that there is an outside lock with a keyhole. I try the front door key and viola– I get the dogs out.

With the noises fading down it’s quiet enough to finally feed everyone. In my naiveté I leave Marley and Maddy along in kitchen so I can write the blog…….and then it happens Marley picks a fight with Maddy over some veggie nuggets. Here we go yet again. I grab Marley by her hind legs so I can pick her up. I have learned not to put my hands near her mouth when she gets like this. Both of the girls are fine–no blood was drawn. And that is how my 4th of July ended.




Quick update…….




Hello everyone,

As anyone who reads this blog knows I am a warrior.  God put me here on planet earth to fight the good fight and then some.  So when the vet sent me home with pain medication for my cat  and just prepare to let her go that felt very unnatural to me.  Let her go without even trying?!!

So, I did what any good mother does and started searching for alternative cancer treatments.


I found this blog, http://www.naturalcatcareblog.com/ .  I did buy the recommended products.


Now I know what some of you are thinking, “Oh no she just can’t give up”.  Well no, I can’t. I am not expecting Selena to get cured but that would be nice.  What I do want is for her to be as comfortable as possible.  And if she does get cured to cancer then to just die of old age quiet and peacefully.  She seems to be doing better.  She now fights me on giving her the supplements which I have been doing with a syringe.

Has anyone ever tried to give a cat meds by syringe?  Yeah, lots of fun isn’t it.


As for Maddy’s eye the eye specialist says a third surgery for $2500.00 but she can’t even guarantee that it would work which would then mean a fourth surgery to go ahead and remove the tear duct gland.  I found some organizations that help with vet care.  If I qualify I will try the eye specialist if not I think I will just have her vet do the third surgery and remove the gland.

As if I don’t have enough on my plate. Well that’s it for now.  My hands are full with sick puppies and kitties.



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Have you ever played the whack-a-mole game?  You know the one where you have a giant hammer and moles pop up from different holes really fast and you get points every time you whack a mole.

Well my life feels that way right now.  I wanted to do a happy update that Maddy’s eye was all better, and it was for a little over a week but then last Sunday the tear duct gland popped out and tomorrow we have an appointment with the eye specialist.  More money and a possible third surgery.

Not to even mention the living situation and the business issues I am also dealing with at the moment.


Well a couple of weeks ago I noticed a lump on my cat, Selena.  Since Maddy’s eye was still the primary concern I figured I would deal with the lump once that got settled.

Well Monday evening I noticed that there was a patch of exposed skin where the lump was.  I put some aloe vera on it and made a bandage as best as I could for a cat.

We just got back from the vet a bit ago.  The lump is malignant cancer and it has become ulcerated.  Because the lump seemed to appear out of nowhere 2 weeks ago the vet says it is a fast growing lump.  The prognosis is simply to make the cat comfortable.  He said something about weeks to months but really I think he did not want to say days or weeks.  Other than the lump Selena is fine and acting normal. She is eating, drinking and sleeping and laying in the sun like she normally does.  The fact that the lump is not bothering her was a symptom that it was malignant.  I am not sure how that works. It kind of confused me.  He gave her a shot of antibiotics, cleaned up the wound and put a pink bandage on her.  He also sent me home with pain medication for her.  She is not in pain now but it seems as the cancer grows and becomes invasive she will be.  I feel like I just want to hold her or put her in the piano room where the puppies can not bother room.  But that does not seem right as she loves to sit out on the patio in the sun.

I don’t want her to suffer and I also don’t want to have to put her to sleep.  And I don’t want to come back from a long day at work to find her passed away and that she died alone. I can only hope that she just dies peacefully in my arms as her brother Diamond did.

So there you have it. I have definitely been whacked upside the head.

Below is a picture of Selena with her pink bandage.



Pups in the Garden….a video

Hello Everyone,

I just got the program Power Director and I am learning how to use it.  This is my first attempt at creating a video.



Maddy Update 3

DSC03623Last Sunday around 11 P.M. I walk into my bedroom to find Maddy and Marly calmly sitting on my bed looking as innocent as can be. However, innocent they were not.  Marly had been chewing on Maddy’s cone and it was halfway off.  I decided since the next morning would have been day 7 to go ahead and take it off as those cones are such a nuisance.

Nuisance or not now in retrospect I should have left it on seeing how those two pups are so rambunctious.  Monday evening I notice Maddy’s right eye doesn’t quite look right, it’s all red and puffy.  It’s too late to call the vet so I call first thing Tuesday morning. Mind you mornings for me start at 10-11 am.  The vet who did her surgery won’t be back in town until Wed,  a whole week away.  I make the appointment and decide I need to put the cone back on Maddy.

Mind you the cone was all chewed up and I had put it in the recycling. It comes out of the recycle bag and with silver duct tape I commence to repair the cone to make it safe to wear.

And I use a giant pink shoe lace to tie it around her neck.

Now, when Maddy is wearing the cone Marly takes it upon herself to beat up on her sister who is pretty much defenseless.  Now I have to go back to keeping them separated. Oh Fun-NOT.

Today Wed, I have a face painting job which means I am getting up at the god forsaken hour of  8:00 A.M. I know some of you are saying, really 8:00 A.M. ?  Yes, I get that for normal people 8:00 A.M. is normal could even be considered sleeping in-not for me.  I have an hour and 15 mins to get out the door head for work when I notice Maddy’s eye is worse.

So worse, that it looks like her eyeball is going to come out of its socket.  I can barely look at it–geez what kind of mother am I that I can’t look at my kids injury without getting squeamish?!

On the way back from face painting I call the Vet and tell the receptionist that someone has to take a look at her eye and tell me if it can wait for her surgeon to get back into town or if something has to be done right away.  They said bring her in but I may have to wait a while–not a problem I said.

Of course, I am feeling all guilty like it’s my fault.  And isn’t it?  After all, I am the one who took off the darn cone in the first place.  Did her sutures break-my fault-vet said it was possible without the cone. Is her eyeball going fall out?  Is it an infection?  It’s on the same side as the lymph node infection–ok not my fault–but is her going to get infected and they have to take it out and she is going to be blind.  I know the men reading this think I am being absurd with an imagination in over drive.  The women, the mommas reading this know I am being perfectly logical.

I get home I put my blouse and vest on the kitchen table.  I just want to make some quick pasta in the event I have to wait a couple of hours since breakfast was hash browns and muffin from Mickey D’s.  When all of a sudden my older cat, Gracie starts to pee on the table on my blouse.  Seriously?!!!  I just wanted to grab a quick bite so I could run off to the vet.  Argh–  Cat pee–Oh my goodness.  Anyone with cats knows it’s almost impossible to get out cat pee.  I grab blouse and put it under running water in the bathroom sink–to be laundered later on this evening.  Then I start to wipe cat pee of the dining table–there goes the end of my future dinner parties.  I wipe off the cat pee, I use Fabuloso, and then I spray it with the expensive animal enzyme cleaner thing that I have.  I don’t think I could ever wash that table enough times now.  And of course  in the back of my mind is the thought that my dog’s eye is going to fall out.

Finally we get to the vets and the wait is not that long. The nurse/vet tech takes Maddy to the back.  Apparently Maddy pooped on the table while the docs were taking a look at her–hmnn seems to be the theme of the day.  She tells me that it looks like the eye is swollen, no it’s not falling out of her head, no she is not going to go blind.  Relief but it may have to be re-corrected as there is always a percentage of cherry eye surgeries that have to be re-done.  Oh and at what cost? It’s not like the first surgery was that cheap by the way.  She said I would have to talk to the vet and work something out. Nice…………….. No seriously it would be nice if the vet could work something out.

So the cone is back on for another week–so not coming off no matter how sorry I feel for Maddy.  And I am running off to the store because I am in dire need of a big piece of chocolate cake.


Chocolate Cake Flourless (1)

Chocolate Cake Flourless (1) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maddy Update 2

maddy after surgeryi


Hello all,

Quick update.  I just picked Maddy up from the vet…$1100.00 later, thank goodness for credit cards.

She is fine from her cherry eye surgery–although I have to say that picture really does look scary.  It freaked me out when I picked her up.  The vet says the lump is her lymph nodes and hopefully it’s just an infection that antibiotics will take care of.  So hoping for that.  I wont have the results of the biopsy for another 48 hours.

In the meantime that lovely cone is supposed to stay on her for 7-10 days.  Days not hours…dear God.   I have to put drops in her eyes 3 times a day starting tomorrow.  Have you ever put drops in a dogs or cats eyes?  Seriously, so not fun.

The antibiotics are pills 2 X a day.  Pills are much easier you can hide them in treats.

Of course, I had to hand feed her some kibble as she can’t reach the food in the bowl with the cone on.  Hmnn, I may have to make the cone a little shorter in a few days.  Honestly I was expecting her to have some kind of goggles on like when I had my lasik eye surgery.  I think I’ll google that and see what I can find.

So Maddy is home safe and sound, separated from Missy and Marly as they are much too curious around her.

I will update when I have the biopsy test results.  Also Missy has worms, so I have to take care of that as well.

Good times….good times…….


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Maddy Update



Hola everyone,


I just dropped off Maddy at the Vets to get her cherry eye surgery taken care of.  Last night as I was putting her to bed I noticed her face seemed swollen.  I found a huge mass of tissue just under her jaw.  The vet is going to check it out before surgery.  Please keep her in your prayers today.  I hope the mass is nothing (fingers crossed) as I have not gotten her pet insurance yet.

My poor little girl.




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