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The Face of Narcissism……

“The narcissist can be likened to the Wizard of Oz.

A failed magician who PRETENDS to be a GREAT & POWERFUL WIZARD.”

                                                                                                                  (Dr. Craig Malkin)

How does one go from being an innocent child like this……


to someone with Narcissistic Personality disorder like this?


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The Stepford Wives……….

Stepford Wives

One of the things that I have noticed many years ago when I first heard that the magician had gotten married was how much his first wife was a similar type to me.  We both came from an ethnic background.  I was Puerto Rican and she was Greek.  We both had long, wavy brown hair and big round eyes.  Her were blue mine were light brown.  What I didn’t know at the time was that another thing we had in common was a background in Theatre Arts. She with a B.F.A. in Theatre Production from the University of Arizona and I with a Minor in Theatre & Film from U.C.L.A.

Hmnnn…do you think we could pass for sisters?!!!!!

ivonne circa 80's          217597_302261976537814_325500040_n

Ivonne                                                 “Marina”

Now when I found out Jay had gotten divorced and remarried I was also curious as to what his second wife looked like…..


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Richard                                                Jay

Scandal in Malaysia……Part Nine, The Phoenix


I have nothing to hide.   I live in my truth, even if it means that I had to confess to having an affair with a married man.  The magician often referred to our relationship as a “secret garden” and that never quite sat right with me.  I am no secret.  I am not a mistress.  I will not live in the shadow of someone’s wife.

Like the Phoenix I will rise up out of the ashes of this affair with my soul cleansed and my heart renewed………

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Scandal in Malaysia……Part Eight

jay rehearsing

And while this hotel room was much bigger and really seemed like a small apt it was still not really big enough for three people.

I found myself caught in between Lisa’s desires and and the magician’ss wants.  Lisa wanting to play tourist since we did not have a show to do and the magician focused on appeasing the Iranian producer and trying to get payment for the artists….

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Scandal in Malaysia……. Part Seven


View from the Double-Tree Hotel

The next day the magician found a two-room suite for the three of us, him, myself and Lisa to stay at. We did not check out officially out of the Double-Tree since that room was paid for until March 29, 2012.  Since we were vacating that room the magician left the room key for the Cuban magician and that solved his dilemma of where to put the Cuban.

There was one catch in all of this.  The magician  had no money and no money was coming from the show like he thought.  …  What were we going to do?   Who did that leave?  Yup you guessed it.  That left moi and my bank account……….

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Scandal in Malaysia…..Part Six



The next day the magican decided we should vacate the Sheraton Double-Tree and get into another hotel room.  Given the fact that I felt like a bird in a cage I was all for moving to a larger space.

He  had fears that maybe the hotel room could be bugged.  Seriously?!!  Yes, seriously.

Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. in his book, Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited – states


“The narcissist is hungry for ‘narcissistic supply‘. Even his paranoia is a
‘grandiose’ one. Through it, he proves to himself that he is sufficiently
important, interesting, and enough of a threat to be threatened back, to have
people conspire and worry over him, in other words: to be the subject of
incessant attention. This narcissistic supply needs constant feeding. He sees
enemies everywhere (mainly in his mind) and has delusions of grandeur. He
continually tries to sound important; and important men deserve important
enemies. The narcissist believes he has much greater power than he really
possesses. Such ‘power’ would look misplaced and abnormal without opponents. The
victories that the narcissist scores over his (mostly imagined) enemies serve to
emphasize his superiority.

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