Where Have You Been?…..a poem


My beloved,

Where have you been?

I have searched for you in my dreams..

I have searched for you amongst the stars of the velvet, night sky

I have looked for you behind the silver beams of the midnight moon…

My beloved,

Where have you been?

I have searched…

I have looked….

I have yearned

and I have dreamed…..

and you seem

nowhere to be found…….

My beloved,

Where have you been?

I can feel you in my soul

I can feel you in heart

I can feel you in the

hot, fiery blood that rushes

throughout my body at thoughts of you.

You are in every fiber

You are in every cell

of my body

You are in every memory

before time

before eternity

and beyond infinity

My Beloved,

Where have you been?

Yours is the heart beat

that pulsates inside of me.

Yours is the soul

that is the other half of me…

My beloved,

Where have you been?

As I have need to be with my soul’s twin…


~♥ ivonne p montijo ♥~© 2013

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…a message from God….



I believe that God speaks to us in symbols and in daily life.  We just have to be aware to hear the message.  I also believe that God speaks to me through blog posts :), movies, billboards, and even music.

This morning I am driving to my piano class at the college and I grab my brand new Garth Brooks cd that I have not had a chance to listen to yet.  It has my new favorite song on it, “Unanswered Prayers.” 


I had my morning coffee, I did my homework and I am in the car.  I pop in the cd……and did a double take…..did I play the right cd?  The voice I heard was that of the ex, the musician/magician…no way I was going to listen to his cd.  I hit the eject button and sure enough……………………….it was the Garth Brooks cd, huh?

And in that liminal space, you know the space in time where life is like a dream, I heard the voice say he’s the “one”.  The next thought I had in that nano second that followed was, “A country western singer?” It was as if a thread of electricity just ran down my back.

All of that occurred between hitting the eject button and seeing that it was the Garth Brooks cd.

The “one’ for me refers to my soul mate.  And no Garth Brooks is not my soul mate.  What I took it to mean is that the “one” I have been actively searching for in the last two years is a country-western singer or somehow involved in country western music.

The following thoughts, and these are the ones that verge on the edge of insanity is this fantasy that I recalled.  You see, and I am kind of embarrassed to say is that I have always had a fantasy to be a country western singer.  I say fantasy and not dream because as far as I know God has not given me the vocal talent to be a singer, unless of course God is planning on altering my dna somehow.

Soul mate or not the bigger message that I have received  is that I am to continue on my path to learning music; the piano and the guitar (can’t have a good country song without the guitar).

Words, poetry and lyrics are gifts that I recognize.  Here’s hoping that the musical side catches up with the lyrical side.

And remember, Messages from God are everywhere, all around.   ohhh that sounds like the title to a great song ;).


Have you ever gotten a message or feeling about your life?

Please share. I would love to hear your stories.

Meet Me Under the Moonlight… a love note to my beloved…..




Your love is the music that plays in my soul

Play me with your gentle hands

and inspire my passion


the song I will sing for you

is of my eternal love

and of my eternal desire for you….


each caress a different note

of the melody that is you…..


play me with your gentle hands

and I will sing a song

of eternal bliss…….


each caress a different note

of the melody that is you…..


meet me under the moonlight

and I will play you

the song of my heart

the reflection of you….


meet me under the moonlight

and you will see

that the song in me

is the reflection of your heavens light


play me

and I will sing of my passion for thee

and with each touch

and with each caress

you will know

that the music that plays in my soul

is the reflection of your love for me……


Meet me under the moonlight

that our love may sing into eternity……

and that our souls become one melody…..


~♥ ivonne p montijo ♥~© 2012

….limbo land……….

Love Me Tender (song)

Love Me Tender (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since, the Malaysia scandal at the end of March I have been living in a limbotic state (is that even a word?).

I have been neither here nor there, trying to figure out up from down.  I had a man who had been telling me that he was my soul mate, that we would be together forever and then he disappears out of my life, which is quite easy to do when I live in the USA and he lives in Australia.  The only thing that has kep me going is my writing and this driving force to learn music.

I am still not even sure myself as to why I am doing all of this?  I just know that I have been compelled.  Thus far I have written the lyrics to 23 songs. I can play a simple version of “Love Me Tender” on the guitar and “Frere Jacque” on the piano.

I have decided to take music classes at Long Beach City College.  I start next week–I will be taking Music Theory, Songwriting Composition, and Beginning Piano in addition to the private piano and guitar lessons, and then there are also the guitar lessons I am taking through the local parks and recreation classes.

Really at the moment my plate is full.  I am following a path that I feel is being led by spirit–surely none of this is logical in the least.  And I am trusting and having faith that God has an ultimate destination in mind for me because honestly, I don’t really know where any of this is headed if it is even going anywhere…….

….the Pink Guitar……..






There is a music store right around the corner from where I live.  It is a bright turquoise blue building that I see every time I drive by the corner but I have mostly ignored. I mean I have never been a music person…..that is until now.

Is it a coincidence that I happen to live around the corner…mere walking distance from a music store?  I think not.

I go online and yes they have a piano teacher.  Yay I hit pay dirt and I don’t even have to get in the car and drive and deal with parking.  I can just walk there in five minutes.

I go to the store to sign up for piano lessons and what should be staring at me but this pink guitar.

But it’s not just any pink guitar…oh no..it’s in my favorite shade of pink-kind of a peachy-salmon kind of pink.  The same color pink that I have painted some of my furniture and the same shade of pink that I have told my mother I want my casket to be painted for my burial someday–I guess I am thinking I will pass away before my mother–interesting.  Really I do need to put together a “when I die” document and include a paint sample of this shade of pink—which always draws my attention.

So, there she was in that perfect shade of pink calling out to me….touch me…buy me …take me home.

So, I asked the price and I started asking questions about the different types of guitar.

Not only was he pink but the opening was a heart shape.  I had to have this pink guitar………

“Rosie” the piano….a slight digression…..



With this post I am going to back track just a little bit…….just a tad…..

So to continue a bit…..there I was abandoned…both my personal future dreams and my dreams for a new career all went down the toilet….down the JSB toilet……

And there I was sitting at my desk thinking now what?  How do I start picking up the pieces?

The voice spoke to me.  And I sure as heck hope I am hearing the voice of God because sometimes I have got to wonder if it’s not the voice of the devil I am hearing.

Okay all superstition aside what the voice said was learn the piano which followed with go to Craigs List. I have come to realize that when the voice speaks I need to follow and if the voice doesn’t affirm a plan of action I should probably scrap it–but I have not gotten that far advanced yet in the listening to the voice techniques.

I get on Craig’s and start searching for Pianos.  I find one for free.  It’s an upright that has been sitting in a garage for years.  There are emails back and forth with the owner of the piano but she finally decides that the piano is mine.  Wow, that was surreal.  Now I have to find a reasonably priced piano mover and a piano tuner.

Of course, I wound up missing my nephew’s High School graduation because the only day in which I could mesh my schedule with the piano movers and the owner of the piano of course had to have been the day of my nephews High School Graduation.  Actually the piano got delivered in time and I would have made it except for the fact that my sister had given my ticket away.

Oh well, I was quite content to stay home with Rosie and begin the process of restoring her to her former glory.

She was beautiful, at least I thought so.  It turns out that Rosie is a 108 year old beautiful antique piano and she would be worth something if she were fully restored to her former glory.  She is a full baby grand upright. A Regent by Blasius and Sons of Philadelphia in a rich mahogany finish.  If she could talk the stories she would tell!!!!

I spent three hours just getting the dust off of her.  I cannot believe that someone just left this piano in a garage exposed to the elements for the past 20 years.

Of course, I had to question myself. Why did I want to get a piano? Was it because of him?  Was it because he told me he had to sell his keyboards to pay the publicist (most likely a lie)?

Actually no.  You see I do remember being five years old and living in the Bronx and asking my mother for piano lessons.  She of course said no.  I could have been J-Lo if they only had gotten me piano and dance lessons.  Ok, just kidding…I can’t sing but I can dance up a storm.

Learning how to play the piano has always been on my bucket list and I guess spirit decided the time was now.

Coincidently there is a music store just down the street from me.  I drive by it every time I have to get on the freeway but I never thought much about it before.

I go in to the store to pay for my piano lessons when what should my eyes see but a pink guitar…...to be continued…..

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