Puppy Invasion….Part Three

sleeping pups

Day two of the puppy invasion finds me getting up at 7:00 A.M. to let the puppies out.

I hear the crying, I hear the whining. I know it’s time to jump out of bed before accidents occur. So, there I am in my jammies–not really awake letting them out the front door. And suddenly I hear the metal scream door slam behind me……ohhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooo. It was locked and I didn’t have my keys. I could call out to Missy like they do on TV but she neither knows how to unlock the door or grab the keys and slide them under the small opening.

Actually I think Missy was outside in the back, with the small apt size washing machine blocking the opening to the doggie door because she had burst through the other day after I put the little plastic door in the slot. Boy that would have been something to get on video Missy breaking through a small wall of plastic.

The good news was that I could get back in through the kitchen door.

The bad news was that there was a six-foot locked gate that was preventing me from reaching the kitchen door.

And may I remind you I am still in my jammies. What do I do? What do I do? Think–think!!!

Well, if I could climb over the gate then I could get back in. But how do I climb over the six foot gate? Think–think—.

My desk came with this ornate and heavy wooden chair that was too large for the inside. I had painted it gold to use as a decoration for my 50’ith pirate themed Birthday party and it has been outside ever since. The only problem with the chair is that it had no backing and no bottom seat. It was mostly a heavy frame. It was being used as a plant holder.

I take the plant off of the chair and somehow manage to drag it around to where the gate is somehow I got it past two trees that are growing in close proximity to each other.

Now the chair having no seat meant that I had to somehow balance on the arms of the chair, to then get one leg over the side of the wooden gate.

Now wooden gates are not designed to be climbed over so hence there is no place upon which to put your foot once you get the leg over the gate. Truly someone should have been videotaping this to put up on google or submit to the TV show America’s Funniest Home Videos–mind you I did not find any of this funny nor was I laughing. And of course as Missy starts to hear the ruckus I am making she starts to bark. Oh and the puppies, where are they you ask. They are by my front door, which is really the side of the property and I left the front gate ajar so I would not be locked out of the property.

Oh why didn’t I call the owner or the manager–well the owner is the manager and he has a 9-5 job, so I would have been waiting outside till the evening. Now my ex-husband has a set of keys to my place but I didn’t want to bother him either.

So, imagine if you will a 51-year-old woman in her jammies with a heavy, painted gold frame of a chair pushed against a 6 foot gate trying to climb over it. And not even a cup of coffee yet.

Yes, I somehow managed to climb over the gate, push open the kitchen door and retrieve the puppies from the outside.

It’s a theme actually. When I was married I went to take Amber & Topaz for a walk and managed to lock myself out of home. But then I called my husband and made him leave work to let me back in–so you see why even though he had a set of key I just could not call him.

And then there was another time, when Missy and I moved to Long Beach that I had managed to lock my self out with Missy in tow. And that time I did call the owner of the building–I think it was a Saturday so he wasn’t working–again why I could not call him either.

So, with the puppies that now makes 3 times in my life that I have been locked out of home with doggies in tow.

I do not go out the door now at all unless there is a set of keys in my pockets…….

Missy and Marly

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Puppy Update………Part 2


Puppy Check list:

  • Metal Kennel √
  • Doggie Bed √
  • 2 Doggie Outfits √
  • 2 Pink Blinggie Collars √
  • 2 Pink Leashes √
  • Puppy Toys √
  • Doggie dishes √
  • Puppy Pads √
  • Pink Poop Bags √
  • Muzzle for Missy √

2 Puppies,

Maddy & Marly arriving on Saturday March 23,2012 in Bakersfield, California!!!











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