The Indecent Proposal …….Part Four

The hard part of the evening was having to get out of bed, get back into my suit and drive home to Long Beach and spending the evening alone without the love of my life, who had returned after a thirty year absence. I felt as if I was living in a movie…waiting for my fairy tale ending……….

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we already were before…..


I remember your last kiss,

I remember your last embrace,

tears burning through my cheeks

down into my very soul….


Parting from your side

I left  my ripped out heart behind…


Ours was a love so true….

a love that neither time

nor eternity  would bid adieu….


but how could you forget….

that before we met

we had already met….


I remember your last kiss

and through your lips

I tasted the sweetness of  your soul……


I remember your last embrace

and through your arms

felt holy grace…..


tears running down my face

burning into my soul……

how could you forget

that we had already met…

time before time

how could you not know

that you were already mine…..


I remember your last kiss…..

bittersweet memories

of time before time……


come to me my beloved

devour my heart

consume my soul

enter my body

and remember

that we were already before…….


~♥ ivonne p montijo ♥~© 2012

…eternal muse……

My beloved,

my muse you have been

through time and space

my inspiration you have been

throughout eternity…..

all the words spoken

all the words written

have always been yours

heart to heart

and soul to soul

the magic between us

has been our timeless love……

I am merely

the poet lost in her words….

lost in her love…..

dreaming of the return of her long lost love……..

ivonne montijo ©

I will Be There……

My beloved….

my love for you goes beyond

the ecstasies of our divine dance……

it surpasses the tender kisses…

it transcends the sweet caresses

of your tender and gentile hands…….

No, my beloved……

my love for you

is to  be found

in the travails of  life….

my love for you

is to be found in the bittersweet tears

that stain your cheeks……

my love for you

is to be found

in the dark adversaries that you face….

My love for you

is to be found

on the threshold

of the dark night of your soul…….

I will be there

as your support…….

I will be there in the silence…….

I will be there in the despair…….

I will kiss away the tears……

And with my tender mouth

I will breathe joy and life

into your disheartened soul……

and if I could I would

exchange my life for yours…….

Ivonne Montijo

Eternal Fire


I remember you before eternity….

I remember you when your soul was light…

I remember you when you were infinity

I remember when our love

danced amongst the stars

and fueled us,

birthed us,

and gave our create wings flight….

I remember

two souls as one

two hearts united

one body in holy dance…


Your breath…my breath…..the breath of divinity


but you have forgotten

and you have fallen out of eternity…..

your soul has forgotten

and has become as dark as the night

you have fallen into the depths of nothingness

living a false lie with false loves

imposters of my soul

but I remember……


I remember

that you are my mirror

that you are my love,

my soul

my eternity……


the fire that burns

deep within my soul

guides me and protects me…..


and I will swim to the depth of nothingness

deep down into the vortex of your created hell

will I travel

through the fire and through the flames..

to retrieve you my love…..

to breathe light and love into your heart

and in that process

make pure your soul once again…..

I am you

you are me

together we belong in eternity…….

 I remember ……. I remember……..


~♥ ivonne p montijo ♥~© 2012

Shadow Lover

Shadow Lover


Stolen kisses

Stolen glances

Secret Messages

Forbidden love in the shadows…..

desires defy  logic,

desires defy convention……

your very presence

is an intoxicating elixir

which engulfs

my body and my soul…

your soft and gentle touch

sends waves of ecstasy

surging through my body….

Stolen kisses

Stolen glances

Secret Messages

Forbidden love in the shadows…..

My back arches,

Soft, sweet sighs

escape my parted lips

as I succumb and submit

to your flesh against mine……

Stolen kisses

Stolen glances…..

forbidden love in the shadows

I await the day

when our love will

emerge from the shadows…..

and by the light of the stars

we will dance into eternity

for all the world to see

just how much you love me…..

~♥ ivonne p montijo ♥~ © 2012

… notes to my beloved…..dec 2009

…this morning I lay in bed…

warm tears streaming down my cheeks…

I cried for lost love…

I cried for lost possibilities…

I cried to empty my heart of all the pain…

of all the hurt…of all the sadness……

I cried to make my heart an empty vessel…

an empty vessel that will be filled with your love,

my beloved …

it is you I seek…

it is you I long for……

it is your touch and your embrace

that will fill me….

sustain me…

and carry me back into forever….

into eternity….

~♥ ivonne p montijo ♥~© 2012

written in Dec of 2009 …lest anyone think this is about them 😛

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