I have just spent two hours on hold with Chase Bank.  The situation is this I had one payee that Chase decided that my online payment to them needed to be held pending a review by risk review. Here is the actual message: Payee is being researched by Risk operations and has not yet been decisioned.   This has now happened for 3 weeks in a row.  I have called to find out why this is happening.  I am told that they can not tell me why.  I also can not cancell the payments.  The money is now frozen by Chase.  I asked for a superviser–they also can not tell me anything.  As an American I feel like I have been raped and violated.  Each person I talk to tells me that Chase will not release the reason my money/payments are being held.  My money is not safe at Chase. Your money is not safe at Chase. Why won’t they give me an answer? They tell me it can happen again.  What? So, if I make a payment to someone Chase gets to decide if they will pay it or not?  I need to trust that when I deposit my money and when I make a bill payment that it will be paid.  Just to note when you issue a check through online banking the money automatically gets taken out of your account.

Folks this is really serious.  This is Facism, this is comunism.  The bank can not hold funds or freeze money in your accounts and then not tell you why.  I do not feel safe.  Chase bank has made me feel not safe.  And you all know that I am pretty fearless so for me to say that I do not feel safe is pretty big.  I am afraid to use my account. I am afraid to put my money in Chase bank. I am afraid to make payments through online banking.  If I do not get an answer as to why this is happening I am going to take my money out of chase bank.  I do not feel like Chase bank is a safe institition to bank with.  I am sure the girl on the other end of the phone line thought I was crazy when I started talking about this is not a communist country–you can not take my money and freeze payments indefinitely and then not tell me why.  THIS HAS HAPPENED FOR THREE WEEKS IN A ROW—-AND NO ONE WILL TELL ME ANYTHING!!!!!!   I feel like I am talking to pre-programmed robots on the other end of the phone.

Has this happened to anyone out there with Chase or any other bank?  Are there any lawyers out there that can advise me?  I do not think it is legal for Chase bank to do this. If this has happened to you please call Chase bank and ask them why.

Please share this status.  People need to know what Chase bank is doing. I honestly do not feel like anyone’s money is safe at Chase Bank.

Happy Memorial Day….




Today is  “Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday which occurs every year on the final Monday of May.[1] Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.[2] Formerly known as Decoration Day, it originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. By the 20th century, Memorial Day had been extended to honor all Americans who have died while in the military service.[3] It typically marks the start of the summer vacation season.”


Quite similar to Veteran’s day it would seem.

Today I want to extend the meaning of Memorial Day.  I want to include the women who have struggled to get out of abusive relationships, the single mothers who fight for the rights of their children.  I want to include those people who diligently fight for the rights of our animal brothers and sisters.  I want to include all those who are fighting some kind of struggle in their life.

This is not to take away from those who have served the country in the forces but rather to include those who serve this country by the struggles they face each and every day.

Those who wake up and get through another day.

So today let’s send out love and prayers to each and every being on the planet.  We all have a struggle and we all have a fight to overcome.

Puppy Invasion…..Part 4


If you have noticed I haven’t done too much posting lately.  The reason being the puppies. When I have a free moment I am taking a nap to catch up on sleep.  Our schedules are beginning to merge a bit better.

Well, what I have been doing is keeping them up late with me so that they will sleep a bit later in the morning.

Seems to be working ok so far at least for me.  I am writing this at 2:44 A.M and I feel alert and not like crashing–yes that seems more like myself indeed.

Well, I decided a couple of months ago that I should feed Missy vegetarian dog food. Oh horrors you say–dogs are carnivores.  Yes, that would be correct the wild dog who lives out in the wild is indeedy a carnivore.  However, dogs who sleep on human beds and have a wardrobe and live a pampered life with trips to the beach can be vegetarians.  Actually, my dogs Amber & Topaz were vegetarians and quite healthy.  Amber a Doberman/Shepard mix lived to be 14 1/2 years old–quite an old dog for the size of the breed.  She was never sick with the exception of having a stroke and she lived about 9 months after the stroke.  Topaz a brindle, American Staff Terrier lived one month short of her 12th B-day, apparently she had a tumor on a spleen that burst. But other than that and a doggie flu that she came home from the pound with always healthy.

Now, why in the world would I want my dogs to be vegetarian, you ask?  Well in January after seeing a few posts on the diary industry I decided it was time to go back to being Vegan.  Now Vegan isn’t just about your diet–it’s really about cruelty free-living in all areas of your life such as food, clothes, and the products you buy.  And yes, if you are Vegan and buy animal products for your pets–yes people will call you a hypocrite.

But there’s another reason as well.  I was watching this amazing video of a lecture that Gary Yourofsky, an amazing warrior,  did at Georgia Tech University, . One of the students asked him isn’t it hypocritical if you feed your dogs meat?  And he said yes, that is why his dog is vegetarian. He then went on to tell the following information.  When dogs and cats are euthanized at the pounds no they do not get buried or cremated.  The dead bodies get sold to meat rendering factories, which in turn sell their product as “meat by-product” to pet food companies.  Gary said we are turning or dogs into cannibels.  Mad cow disease came about because cows were being fed dead cows–ugh gross!!!  I also came across a link to an article on Facebook that addressed this very issue.  Well that was enough for me-my decision was made.

For the past two months I have been feeding Missy Salmon and Sweet potato from Natural Balance both canned and nuggets.  The dry food costs about $60.00 for a 28 lb bag.  This stuff is not cheap-let me tell you. But it last us a month.  Well, with the puppies the bag only lasted a little over a week–yikes!!!


However, the last time I went to Petco the All vegetarian dry dog food by Nature’s recipe was on sale for $45.00–wow, $15.00 less.  I thought why not let’s try it–and I did, no seriously I tasted it.  I figured it’s vegetarian so it’s not like there is anything in it that’s going to harm me.  It was YUCK!!!! It tasted like cardboard, how did my dogs eat this?  well, the pups having come from a shelter will eat just about anything–Ms. Missy on the other hand not so much.  I had also gotten the all vegetarian canned food as well–no, that I did not taste test.


Missy was not having it.  I had to mix some of the cat food with fish in it for Missy to eat it–argh–the food was costly so somehow they were going to eat it.  Ok–since they all seemed to like the Salmon and Sweet potato–I went to the supermarket and got a can of sweet potatoes and two cans of salmon for human consumption.  So this morning I am going to mix it all together–my beginning attempts are creating my own version of dog food.

I opened up the sweet potatoes and mixed it in all three bowls–not a problem.  And then I opened the can of salmon.  Now mind you I am expecting it to be like tuna, all chunky and flakey.  No, not so much.  No this thing looked like a chunk of salmon with the head and tail merely cut off–It still had skin and dear lord it still had the spine and bones–Oh gag me with a spoon!!!!

I couldn’t just scoop it up and give it to them.  I had to remove the spine and bones.  Imagine, I have been vegetarian for the past 20 years and I have not touched meat in those 20 years  and I have to take out the spine and bones.  Dear God, I thought I was going to pass out.  Only for my doggies would I do this, not even for a man.  I got through it all and they got fed…but there is a second can of salmon and this grossness will have to be repeated all over again.  I think I will switch them to tuna–at least I can stomach that.

Christmas Caribbean Cruise …Part 2



Well I make it to my gate and start taking off some of the layers so that I could relax a bit. And wouldn’t you know it the incoming flight was delayed. Not only was it delayed but it was over booked. They needed five volunteers to get off the flight so that five passengers with international connections could make their flights.

Boy did the airlines start wheeling and dealing. At first they were offering a $200.00 voucher and hotel stay. No body was biting as it was apparent that everyone had holiday plans. It went up to a $300.00 voucher, hotel stay and the next flight out even on First Class. But they weren’t saying when the next flight out was scheduled. They kept raising the offer. When it got to an $800.00 voucher, hotel stay and next flight out in First Class boy was I tempted. If I was doing normal travel oh yeah I would have volunteered my seat but since I had a boat to catch I could not afford a delay.

Oh and because the flight was full they were also offering to check in carry on luggage for free.  Seriously?!!!  I had to pay $25.00 plus the $100.00 on the guitar–you’ve got to be kidding me.  Yup, I thought that was so unfair.

The flight itself was uneventful but being a domestic flight I had to buy my  own food.  Really, you pay $500.00 for a ticket and it doesn’t even get you a meal.  Thankfully they had something vegetarian on the menu.  Something about  putting me in a space where I can’t get easy access to food that makes me hungry.



Of course I was not able to sleep on the flight.  For the life of me I could not get comfortable.  I am not a big person by no means and I can not even imagine what flying is like if you are on the larger.  At a size 8 I barely fit into the seats.

Because if the delay by the time we landed I had only 20 minutes to make my connecting flight. But maybe the two gates were close to each other.  No, not at all. My connecting gate was at the other  end of the terminal.   It was literally like a scene out of movie.  Yes, I was running as fast as I could through the airport to get to the gate for my connecting flight that was already boarding.  And I have asthma and I am wearing way too many layers of clothes.


I made it but I was sure no way my luggage would have made it in 15 minutes.  And there in again lies the beauty of pink luggage.  As I was settling into my seat for the last leg of my flight I did see two pieces of pink luggage being loaded onto the airplane…… be continued……..






….limbo land……….

Love Me Tender (song)

Love Me Tender (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since, the Malaysia scandal at the end of March I have been living in a limbotic state (is that even a word?).

I have been neither here nor there, trying to figure out up from down.  I had a man who had been telling me that he was my soul mate, that we would be together forever and then he disappears out of my life, which is quite easy to do when I live in the USA and he lives in Australia.  The only thing that has kep me going is my writing and this driving force to learn music.

I am still not even sure myself as to why I am doing all of this?  I just know that I have been compelled.  Thus far I have written the lyrics to 23 songs. I can play a simple version of “Love Me Tender” on the guitar and “Frere Jacque” on the piano.

I have decided to take music classes at Long Beach City College.  I start next week–I will be taking Music Theory, Songwriting Composition, and Beginning Piano in addition to the private piano and guitar lessons, and then there are also the guitar lessons I am taking through the local parks and recreation classes.

Really at the moment my plate is full.  I am following a path that I feel is being led by spirit–surely none of this is logical in the least.  And I am trusting and having faith that God has an ultimate destination in mind for me because honestly, I don’t really know where any of this is headed if it is even going anywhere…….


I want to be Fifty and fabulous on my Birthday this Dec but I feel like a zombie, the walking dead.  I have modified my diet and I have lost 3-4 lbs but I am not yet motivated to work out.

I have discovered Zumba classes and have been to three but my work this past couple of weeks has prevented me from going to class.  I have even thought that I would like to get certified as a Zumba instructor–but who wants to take a class from an unfit lady?

As some of you already know I have stopped taking the little blue pills so I now have to deal with the anxieties of my mind and life organically without the use of drugs.

Lately I just want to stay in bed and not get up.  I think that if I only do that for one day maybe I can get out of my rut, but I have yet to have a day where I can do that and not get behind in my work.

It’s like I am living in this vicious cycle right now.  I had that same age-old argument with my mother in which she tells me I need to get a corporate job.  When this occurs I feel like I am the whack-a-mole game at Chuck-e Cheese and my mother is the whacker.  Today I told her she had to stop this behavior.  That these arguments drive me into a depression in which I can not accomplish anything.  My mother claims that I don’t hear her and if I would only just listen one time she would feel okay.

Of course she has not changed her story for the past 20 years in which she claims I would be happier if I gave up the arts for the security of a corporate job.  I really don’t think she is aware of the economic crisis facing the US and that the idea of her almost 50-year-old daughter competing in the corporate world with a liberal arts degree is really fantasy on her part.

You see she thinks I would be happy if I would just make the choices that she would make for herself.  But we are not the same person.  Where my mother needs financial security and routine in order to feel safe I am the opposite.  Routine stifles me.  I need adventure and change.  She does not like to drive because she is afraid of where she will wind up.  I, on the other hand thrive on finding new places and things to see.

peacefulness and serenity are the markers of my happiness.  Quietness and stillness are what I crave in my home, which is the opposite of my childhood which was replete with noise and at times violence.

But the bottom line is that I feel like a zombie and being whacked over the head with that invisible hammer that my mother uses on me does not help.

I want to write inspiring posts that move and motivate others to somehow help to make their lives better.

I don’t just want to write about what is going wrong in my life.

I know my mother is concerned about my future but I really wish she would just stop and accept my life as it is.

I am one of 99% in this country without health insurance so I am trying to deal with my health issues organically through diet and vitamins.  I am not quite 50 but my body has been acting as if I am older.  I am amazed that I am even writing this post but it has been on my mind for a while to post an update on my journey towards self discovery and fulfillment.

I don’t buy into you are getting older and everything starts to fall apart but at this moment that feels like a battle that my mind is losing and my body is winning…..I need to dig deep into my soul and call upon my higher self to pull me out of this one………

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