Be the love…….

be the love

The Indecent Proposal….Part 7 love letters……


As I turned and left the magicain at LAX, I felt as if I had left a piece of my soul at the airport.

What would ensue in the following months would be a romance via Skype messages, face book messages, shared poetry and images back and forth from myself to the magician and the magician back to me  during the months of February and Mid March.  In March we would be together for three weeks for the Magical Show that he was producing  but until then all we had were our words and the images we chose to express our feelings for one another…….


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Happy Heart Day !!!!!!

Feb 14th seems to be a day that has come to be filled with dread (mostly it seems by men), anticipation and expectations (mostly woman), and a sense of being excluded (mostly single women).

Valentine’s Day although has been construed as a creation of the marketing media of ages past is really a oppurtunity that we all seem to by forgetting.

It is not a day to dread, or have unearthly expectations nor is it a day to feel forgotten and excluded if you are not partnered up.

What it can be, maybe should be, is a day to remind us that if we have been forgetful throughout the year to express love and caring Feb. 14th serves as a reminder that we as a society have a day in which we can make up for some of the forgetfulness that we may have committed throughout the year.

Men complain that Valentine’s Day takes away the opportunity for them to be spontaneous.  Hmnn really? What I say to all of those men out there is, “how many opportunities have you taken throughout the year to express love and affection in a romantic, galant way?”

Yeah, I thought so. So, instead of complaining about Feb. 14th, why not say, “Gee aren’t I lucky that I get a social reminder to express my love!”

I have taken quite a few seminars on how women should understand how men feel about Val’s Day and we should lower our expectations.  Hmnn , what I say to that is, men why don’t you get it that if a woman has to remind you that her birthday, anniversary or another special date is coming don’t get as many points and we don’t appreciate it as much if we had to remind you.

But the creator goddess is so wonderful that she created a holiday, albeit with enough commercialism that unless you lived in a cave somewhere you would not forget it was Val’s  Day.

How wonderful, a special day in which to show you care without the women having to remind you.

You see the funny thing about Val’s Day is that we should not save our displays of love and affection for just one day.  Whether you are in a relationship or not Val’s Day should be every day of your life.

The one consistent message which the great sages and avatars have always brought to humanity is to love one another.

Love should be expressed every day in many ways to all those we come into daily contact with.

Not only should we be expressing love to those around us, we should be expressing love for our very self.

So rather than hating on Valentine’s Day due to its commercialism and seemingly forced affections take it to be a reminder that the greatest message given to humanity has been “to love one another as yourself”.

So, go out and buy yourself one of those chocolate hearts and a happy heart day!!!  😉

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