Happy Holy Days…….


May these

Holy Days of Celebration & Remembrance

find your heart filled with love,

your mind filled with peace,

your days filled with joy,

and your future filled with prosperity……..

La Sirene e il marinao


Nel mito delle sirene e il mare

si dice

Che il canto delle sirene

si è portato piu di un marinaio

ai fondi del mare.


La sua voce, la dolcezza che

cattura l=anima del marinaio,

le sue labbra di  ciliegia, il  suo petto rotondi e sodo,

la sua pelle vellutata che riflette i raggi di sole

ipnotizza la vista del marinaio.


Perso nel suo cammino

per il miraggio di passione

che gli si confronta con la sirena.


…ah maledetta sirena…..

Questa volta sarà  lei


la captivita del marinaio…


Sono i suoi occhi

che riflettono i raggi di sole

sono le sue  labbra e il suo sorriso

che riflette la luce delle stelle


…e come una falena

che vola dentro il fuoco…..


La maladetta sirena

nuota verso al barca del marinaio


e un patto con il diavolo  fa                          

per cambiare la sua coda

per un paio di gambe femminili




scalare sulla barca

e sottomettersi al marinaio

che ha pescato e catturato

la sua anima e il  suo cuore.

The Window Washer



April 13, 2004

 I was sitting getting my nails done because I had an audition later that afternoon when he walked into the salon, an unassuming gentleman and in whose eyes you could see humility and humbleness.  He was of small stature not more than 5′ 4″ tall, blond, and  his face reflected back many long hard years. He along with his partner of Latino decent were there to wash the mirrors.

 I was simply fascinated by the work he was doing. It was as if he was dancing, the mirror being his partner.  In his right hand he held a squeegee, the tool of his trade and in his left some old newspaper.

  And thus the dance began, with the squeegee in his right hand he made s’s, slowly, softly and as graceful as a figure skater upon the ice making figure eight’s. 

And with the left hand he caught the water drippings from the squeegee.  Not a smudge was to be seen on that silvery lake. He seemed  oblivious to those around him. 

 I turned to watch his partner who was not quite as comfortable or had yet perfected the task at hand.

They worked swiftly and efficiently.  They could not have been there more than 10 minutes when their work was done.  It is strange how in the small quick moments of life we are often profoundly affected.

He approached the manager who was doing my nails at the time which allowed me to look deeply into his eyes.  What I saw was a soul who had worked too hard for far too long for too little pay.

 “Eight dollars” he said,  I was stunned.  Eight dollars for the completed task.  The manager handed him a ten-dollar bill.  When he went to give her change she told him to keep it.  Ten dollars split into two gave each man five dollars apiece. 

He negotiated the next appointment, “three weeks”, he said.  “No, four weeks”,  the manager said.  “We will come back in three to four weeks”, he said.

And out the door they sauntered off.  Buckets swinging side to side.  Their image slowing getting smaller as they walked to their next destination.

 And I was in awe of how blessed I am.  That the least I ever make is $70.00 dollars an hour for being a clown (my day job), and doing something fun that I enjoy.

 Their humble image seared into my brain to serve as a reminder lest I should dare to complain.

Fire Dancer…..

…  I think of you

day & night…..


   ..thoughts of you filter through my brain                                                  

as I drift off to sleep

& thus the tempest rises forth.


..and I toss and I turn

because your lingering memory will not fade.


I think of your long mane,

Royal & Majestic


I think of your soft hands

moving upon my body.


I think of your body covered

in the symbology of spirit.


I think of your ass, nice and round,

and the way it sits in black leather.


I think of how your hips

sway as you dance with fire

and how your feet glide

in total syncopation

Like a snake slithering

through flames.


..and I think of how

filled up I feel when

you are inside of me…


…and I want to be

that fire, that flame

that so willingly

submits & surrenders


to your dance

    your art,

    your GOD


I AM here

to give homage

to the



I AM here

to drink the nectar

of your soul,

to quench my thirst and hunger,

to fill my cells, my very being

with your essence.


I AM here

to gaze upon your face, your body

to look into your eyes and see

Blessed Father, the Most High

smiling back at me


As the prodigal daughter

returns to reunite

with the prodigal son.


And in that union

bring forth

Heaven on Earth.       


I love you with my soul,

throughout time,

throughout eternity….

I love you with the depth of my heart,

inside you will find your soul and your dreams,

I love you with every fiber of my body—

I submit and surrender to your body and your love….

……I am merely the reflection of your essence,

 your love, your soul….

…the eternal dance……

I do not want the passions of youth…for they are but briefs moments in time…

I do not want the excitement of someone new for that too fades…..

what I do want is what they have….

you see that elderly couple dancing over there…

the ones that have been married for 50 years…

do you see the way he holds her still?……

do you see the twinkle in his eyes? ….

do you see the radiance in her smile full of love?….

that my friend, is what I desire…

……a love that lasts through eternity…….

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