Broken hearts………

No one, not one being has the capacity to break your heart.

We get ouches along the way but no one really can break your heart.

It is a choice that we make.  We can choose to believe that someone “hurt” us, that this other person  is the cause of our bad feelings.

That is a choice no doubt about it and some people might say it could even be justified.

Or you can make the choice to know that the heart can not dictate who it loves or does not love.  And if someone chose somebody else over you they were merely following the dictates of their heart in that given space-time.

The heart can only be broken if you have lost the capacity to love another being… long as you have the ability to love, as a verb, then your heart was never broken….maybe a little bruised but with time bruises do fade…..

The “Extra”

Here we are, all at work, making a living in an unstable business, dictated by the whims of the powers that be.
At one time hopeful of dreams to be fulfilled, … now weather-worn and dreams amiss we take each day  one at a time.
We make our crosses and counter crosses, indulging in a world of make-believe and pretend  bringing an aura of substance and reality into this celluloid dimension, so that the viewer can escape his everyday reality into a world of suspension of disbelief.
Who are we ?  We are the unknowns.
You will never see our names in the credits nor will you see us in fancy finery at award banquets or dinners.
 Yet… we are the silent partners of the silver screen.  We are the missing pieces that enable you to emerge yourself in the fantasy of cinema.
 “They” call us “extras”, but we are no more extra than the actors or director.
We are an essential piece of the puzzle that makes it complete.
In many ways we are quite like yourself.  A small cog in a large mechanism.
 Often we are overlooked and unrecognized, but you cannot dismiss us any more than the screw which hold the engine mounts in place.
 Why do we continue?  Because very deep in our heart and soul a small piece of the dream lives on.
The hope still exists that the transition  will be made from “background actor” to center stage.
And all the years will not have been for naught, but rather the work and toil of the talented craftsmen  dutifully paying his dues in the fulfillment of a dream.

“Do not be unequally yoked”

Do not be unequally yoked…what does this mean?  The universe requires divine partnership….divine partnership with the self, with the sacred other and with the divine.

Thus to be unequally yoked indicates a pairing or coupling which is not divinely ordained—that is to say that it is not your soul mate…big deal, so what, you say.

Well it is a big deal.  When two people come together that are soul mates, in that union they create a bigger light than if they were alone or separated.

This light is the reflection of the divine light shining through and as their relationship.

Too often we stay with the wrong person for many reasons…’s convenient…..we have kids…….I don’t want to be alone…..I’m getting my green card..yatta…yatta..yatta.

What happens in this kind of situation is that you don’t get the double light effect of the divine pairing.  What you get is two people who are only half lights—they are not even one light together.

So you have two people who should not be together and that means that there are another two people who are also with the wrong people.  So there are now 4 people who are not experiencing or reflecting divine bliss.

The numbers rise expontentially…..the 4 become 8 become 16 etc…. Negativity and unhappiness increase on the planet.

But every time two soul mates recognize each other and come together in union, that means that those who are single are two people closer to finding their soul mates.

And as soul mates come together more love and light descends and arises out of the planet into the universe and into eternity.    It is far better to shine brightly as a single light than to be in a coupling where your light is dimmed.

…boriqua woman….

Is it possible to remember a distant memory?

I remember your lips, so soft, so red

pressed against my skin.

Tell me, what did my skin feel like?

Was it soft, was it sweet?

I can feel your warm breath upon my neck.

Do you remember what it felt like

to have your face nestled in my neck?

Do I arouse you?  I want to.

I want to arouse not only your body

but your heart and soul as well.

And I can imagine your lips

traveling down my neck and

placing gentle kisses

upon my soft, firm breasts.

Can you imagine that?

I can and more…

I can imagine your tongue

caressing my hard nipples and

my breath stops

and I have to stop because suddenly

I feel the pain of a desire that

seems will never be satisfied . . .

. . . but I remember your strong arms

embracing me, and feeling oh so small and tiny.

Tell me did I feel small and fragile to you?

Do not be fooled by my small stature

for I am a surprisingly strong woman.

And I imagine myself

wrapped in your arms

feeling safe and secure on my beautiful island

being lulled to sleep by the singing of the coqui,

the symbol of my people.

And as I listen to the nocturnal melodies

my mind drifts off to a different time, a different world centuries ago.

And I begin to wonder what my great-grandmother

could have felt as she gazed upon the face of the conquistador

of long ago, who would conquer not only her land

but her heart and body as well.

And I wonder what my great-grandfather may have felt

as he gazed upon the Boricua woman,

whose beauty and savage sensuality would cause him to take her country for his own.

Tell me have you any idea

of what that Spaniard from long ago

may have felt as he immersed himself in my tropical world.

And I begin to wonder

if there will be a new story to tell,

of a modern-day conquest,

of a Spaniard who crosses the ocean

to steal the heart of a Boricua woman.

…but how can you steal what is so willfully given?

And now I think that I shall go to sleep

for in my dreams, at least, I can be with you.

And in my dreams I can conquer the memory

that continues to fade with each waking day.

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