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Hello everyone,

As anyone who reads this blog knows I am a warrior.  God put me here on planet earth to fight the good fight and then some.  So when the vet sent me home with pain medication for my cat  and just prepare to let her go that felt very unnatural to me.  Let her go without even trying?!!

So, I did what any good mother does and started searching for alternative cancer treatments.


I found this blog, http://www.naturalcatcareblog.com/ .  I did buy the recommended products.


Now I know what some of you are thinking, “Oh no she just can’t give up”.  Well no, I can’t. I am not expecting Selena to get cured but that would be nice.  What I do want is for her to be as comfortable as possible.  And if she does get cured to cancer then to just die of old age quiet and peacefully.  She seems to be doing better.  She now fights me on giving her the supplements which I have been doing with a syringe.

Has anyone ever tried to give a cat meds by syringe?  Yeah, lots of fun isn’t it.


As for Maddy’s eye the eye specialist says a third surgery for $2500.00 but she can’t even guarantee that it would work which would then mean a fourth surgery to go ahead and remove the tear duct gland.  I found some organizations that help with vet care.  If I qualify I will try the eye specialist if not I think I will just have her vet do the third surgery and remove the gland.

As if I don’t have enough on my plate. Well that’s it for now.  My hands are full with sick puppies and kitties.



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Have you ever played the whack-a-mole game?  You know the one where you have a giant hammer and moles pop up from different holes really fast and you get points every time you whack a mole.

Well my life feels that way right now.  I wanted to do a happy update that Maddy’s eye was all better, and it was for a little over a week but then last Sunday the tear duct gland popped out and tomorrow we have an appointment with the eye specialist.  More money and a possible third surgery.

Not to even mention the living situation and the business issues I am also dealing with at the moment.


Well a couple of weeks ago I noticed a lump on my cat, Selena.  Since Maddy’s eye was still the primary concern I figured I would deal with the lump once that got settled.

Well Monday evening I noticed that there was a patch of exposed skin where the lump was.  I put some aloe vera on it and made a bandage as best as I could for a cat.

We just got back from the vet a bit ago.  The lump is malignant cancer and it has become ulcerated.  Because the lump seemed to appear out of nowhere 2 weeks ago the vet says it is a fast growing lump.  The prognosis is simply to make the cat comfortable.  He said something about weeks to months but really I think he did not want to say days or weeks.  Other than the lump Selena is fine and acting normal. She is eating, drinking and sleeping and laying in the sun like she normally does.  The fact that the lump is not bothering her was a symptom that it was malignant.  I am not sure how that works. It kind of confused me.  He gave her a shot of antibiotics, cleaned up the wound and put a pink bandage on her.  He also sent me home with pain medication for her.  She is not in pain now but it seems as the cancer grows and becomes invasive she will be.  I feel like I just want to hold her or put her in the piano room where the puppies can not bother room.  But that does not seem right as she loves to sit out on the patio in the sun.

I don’t want her to suffer and I also don’t want to have to put her to sleep.  And I don’t want to come back from a long day at work to find her passed away and that she died alone. I can only hope that she just dies peacefully in my arms as her brother Diamond did.

So there you have it. I have definitely been whacked upside the head.

Below is a picture of Selena with her pink bandage.



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