The Treasures of my Soul…….


My beloved,

the words I put to paper

flow through from my heart

to express a love

that transcends

time, space and

the poets of old…..


mere words cannot convey

the longings of my soul…..


the poets of old

cannot convey

the love, the desires, the ecstasies

that I have for you


Their words have zero worth if truth be told

For it is my words that are the gold,

the treasures of my soul.


and for you alone

do they exist….


may I be inspired

by Rumi and Neruda


but take delight in my words

for they reflect the treasures

in my soul


that  are yours

and  yours alone

as my heart

soley belongs to you….

~♥ ivonne p montijo ♥~© 2013

Where Have You Been?…..a poem


My beloved,

Where have you been?

I have searched for you in my dreams..

I have searched for you amongst the stars of the velvet, night sky

I have looked for you behind the silver beams of the midnight moon…

My beloved,

Where have you been?

I have searched…

I have looked….

I have yearned

and I have dreamed…..

and you seem

nowhere to be found…….

My beloved,

Where have you been?

I can feel you in my soul

I can feel you in heart

I can feel you in the

hot, fiery blood that rushes

throughout my body at thoughts of you.

You are in every fiber

You are in every cell

of my body

You are in every memory

before time

before eternity

and beyond infinity

My Beloved,

Where have you been?

Yours is the heart beat

that pulsates inside of me.

Yours is the soul

that is the other half of me…

My beloved,

Where have you been?

As I have need to be with my soul’s twin…


~♥ ivonne p montijo ♥~© 2013

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Broken….a poem



The path toward wholeness

is not straight and narrow.

It is curvy,

It is windy,

sometimes it goes left

sometimes it goes right

sometimes it takes you back around

to the place where you started..

You think you have left

old baggage behind

only to find

you still have  it with you…..

exorcised demons

lurking still

in the recesses

of your mind…

The path to wholeness

is really quite a mess

as you still carry

your  broken parts,

your bruised ego,

your broken heart,

and your sullied soul……

The path to wholeness

really doesn’t have an end

more like a nemesis

there is always something new to mend….

and so the broken me,

with my bruises

and badges of a well worn life

continue step by step

and turn by turn

that I may walk into your heart

and find that the brokenness

never really did matter…..

~♥ ivonne p montijo ♥~© 2013


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Warrior Goddess…. a poem…..

warrior goddess

Warrior Goddess


I AM a Warrior.

I AM a Soldier.

I was born to wield a mighty sword.


A mighty sword to create a new path.

A mighty sword to wield the truth.


I am not a monk.

I am not a nun

I am not a sage.


I have knowledge.

I have wisdom


I have a voice

that needs to speak.

I have a voice that will not be silenced.


I AM a Warrior.

I AM a Soldier.


I was born to wield a mighty sword.


I am ready right here.

I am ready right now.

There is no delay

My sword is in hand….


I will slay you with the truth.

I will slay you with justice.

I will slay you with wisdom.

I will slay you with knowledge



I will just as easily

slay you with my sword….


The choice is yours.


I am not a monk.

I am not a nun.

I am not a sage.

I AM a Warrior.

I AM a Soldier.


I was born to wield a mighty sword……



~♥ ivonne p montijo ♥~© 2013






devour me……..erotic inspiration……. ;)

devour me

inside my heart……

inside heart

Dance with the Devil…. a poem….

dancewithdevil 2

Dance with the Devil


I have danced with the devil.

I  have lain by his side

consumed by the fiery flames of passion…..

I have lusted.

I have wanted.

I have devoured…

but bit by bit

he began to devour

my soul with his lies…

I have danced with the devil.

by his side I have lain

screaming out in loving pain…

waves of ecstasy

consuming my soul…

I have seen his light

deep and bright

hidden beneath

the dark , soulless night…

I have danced with the devil

lusted, wanted, devoured

his flesh with my flesh…

Like a poisoned drug

I imbibed

the fiery flames of passion..

but the lies and deception

left my thirst unquenched…

The light I saw

was hidden from sight

his soul swathed

in the black, dark night.

I have danced with the devil

concealing my own light

disguised behind the mask

of sensual delights….

but the lies and deception

left my thirst unquenched……

and the fiery flames of passion

turned my heart into a frozen shard

bereft of love and compassion…..

~♥ ivonne p montijo ♥~© 2013

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