…a message from God….



I believe that God speaks to us in symbols and in daily life.  We just have to be aware to hear the message.  I also believe that God speaks to me through blog posts :), movies, billboards, and even music.

This morning I am driving to my piano class at the college and I grab my brand new Garth Brooks cd that I have not had a chance to listen to yet.  It has my new favorite song on it, “Unanswered Prayers.” 


I had my morning coffee, I did my homework and I am in the car.  I pop in the cd……and did a double take…..did I play the right cd?  The voice I heard was that of the ex, the musician/magician…no way I was going to listen to his cd.  I hit the eject button and sure enough……………………….it was the Garth Brooks cd, huh?

And in that liminal space, you know the space in time where life is like a dream, I heard the voice say he’s the “one”.  The next thought I had in that nano second that followed was, “A country western singer?” It was as if a thread of electricity just ran down my back.

All of that occurred between hitting the eject button and seeing that it was the Garth Brooks cd.

The “one’ for me refers to my soul mate.  And no Garth Brooks is not my soul mate.  What I took it to mean is that the “one” I have been actively searching for in the last two years is a country-western singer or somehow involved in country western music.

The following thoughts, and these are the ones that verge on the edge of insanity is this fantasy that I recalled.  You see, and I am kind of embarrassed to say is that I have always had a fantasy to be a country western singer.  I say fantasy and not dream because as far as I know God has not given me the vocal talent to be a singer, unless of course God is planning on altering my dna somehow.

Soul mate or not the bigger message that I have received  is that I am to continue on my path to learning music; the piano and the guitar (can’t have a good country song without the guitar).

Words, poetry and lyrics are gifts that I recognize.  Here’s hoping that the musical side catches up with the lyrical side.

And remember, Messages from God are everywhere, all around.   ohhh that sounds like the title to a great song ;).


Have you ever gotten a message or feeling about your life?

Please share. I would love to hear your stories.

..a good ole country song…


in this moment, in this instant, my heart cries out for a good ole country song…..

nothing quite expresses the angst you are feeling like a good ole country song..

Pastsy Cline—” Crazy..crazy for feeling so blue…”

Pasty Cline—-“I’ve got your picture…she’s got you…”

Tammy Wynette—–“…stand by your man and show the world you love him…..if you love him you’ll forgive him….”

Reba McEntire—” the world didn’t wait for my broken heart…”

Barbra Mandrell—“…if loving you is wrong, then I don’t want to be right…”

Barbra Mandrell—” sleeping single in a double bed trying to forget…”

Loretta Lynn—” I gotta lotta love left in me, so I wanna be free…”

And so I raise my Mango Ice, to the Queens of Country who in their song have exposed my bruised and trampled heart and may God bless them as tonight they exorcise the shadows and demons that have been left behind in my heart and in my bed ……..

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