…unanswered prayers……….

I was so exicted this morning I would be taking my first song writing class.

Of course at 8:30 am there was no parking to be found so I parked in a metered spot with only enough time for one hour and half of a two and half hour class.  I thought no way he was going to keep us for the whole time so I took a chance.

Well, class was not what I expected.  I thought this would be a beginner class that would go into song structure, the difference between melodies harmonies, after all I am a music newbie.  And the course description did not have any pre-requisites so I thought I could do the class.

I am not so sure I have the skill set needed for this class.  Prof tells us for the first assignment due next week–he is going to send us and mp3–we need to write and record a new melody with lyrics.  Ok , lyrics piece of cake for me–but what the heck, a melody?  I ask are you going to send us the music sheet with notes?  His answer no.  What in blazes!!!!!  And as for recording, excuse me are you assuming that everyone here has music editing software–because that was not listed as a prerequisite nor was a prior music theory class listed either.

Heck, I thought I would be learning all these things in class.  Dang, if I could write a melody and know how to record it I wouldn’t be needing the class now would I?

Needless to say I think I may have to drop the class–oh yeah–there are no books for class.  Nope, he told us to go online and google songwriting and see what websites we discover on songwriting.  Really??!!!   Well, double heck if I am going to be doing that what do I need the class for.

I of course freaked out he thought it was about performing–which really ticked me off. I responded, “No, I am an actress, performing is not my concern but we will talk after class.”  I did talk to the professor about my concerns that it seemed like this was an advanced and I was just a beginner–his response, “Well, only I could decide that.”  Really, how about a simple yes or no. Or how about telling me what I will be learning.

I talked a few of the older students, meaning my age and above who had taken the class before.  Apparently this is the first time this guy is teaching it and he is the vocal/performance teacher.  Nice, so that’s how the budget cuts work–have someone teach a class that isn’t exactly qualified.

Well, I decide I need to think about this over the weekend and as I walk to my car what do I see?  Yup, I got a ticket.  Well, if that don’t beat all.  I sure got a lot of bad karma this morning didn’t I.

I think the only reason I was meant to be in the class this morning is because he played one song, Unanswered Prayers, by Garth Brooks. I have never heard it but it was as if God was talking me.  If you have been following this blog you know that I have been writing about my last love and my first love–the man who had been in my heart for thirty years like a dark shadow.  God knows how much I wanted to be with this man all these years and I recently was given the opportunity to see what my “what if” would have been like.  Not pretty actually.

Thank you God, you did not answer that prayer to be with that man..he’s not the angel I thought he was………

So here is the link to Garth Brooks, his song says it all and I think was what I needed to hear even if I do drop the class.

Enjoy and let me know what you all think?


..I will await for you…….




This women says it all.



P4CM Official Poet Janette…ikz shares a beautiful piece during Lyricist Lounge 4 on “Waiting”.  Check out http://www.P4CM.com for more poems and the date of the next Lyricist Lounge.


back to the beginning…part 4, the magician…..

Professional jugglers at the time I was learning how to juggle use lacrosse balls.  And I was instructed by my juggling teacher that I could purchase lacrosse balls at Hollywood Magic Store located at 6614 Hollywood Blvd.  I dutifully got on the bus to purchase by first set of professional juggling balls.

I walk into the world-famous Hollywood Magic Store, which was quite intriguing with its displays of magic paraphernalia.  I think that there were something like 3 men behind the various counters.  But it was the younger man who jumped out to help me.  He was about my age had curly blond hair and blue eyes. I guess you can say that he was kinda cute.   I was like a child who had never been in a candy store.  I was fascinated by everything in the store.   I had never seen magic in person before and I was dazzled.

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….back to the beginning….part 3

To recap, I decided that I wanted to learn how to juggle and dressed in a clown costume and make-up I approached one of the street performers in Westwood Village and asked him if he would teach me how to juggle.

He said yes and we exchanged phone numbers.

To continue reading go to, The Illusionist by Ivonne Montijo on amazon.com


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…..back to the beginning ……part 2

Westwood Village in early 1980’s was a veritable  play ground.  Back in those days couples would be out walking about the Village hand in hand–oh so romantic. There was so much to see and do  It seemed to offer everything: restaurants, boutiques, quaint Old World architecture, an upscale crowd, a party atmosphere after dark,  movie theatres and dance clubs where you could disco the night away, even if I was a bit underage at the time.  It was a time when a young girl could walk about the village by herself and be safe.

But for me the real draw to the Village were street performers all over the village, mimes, jugglers, magicians variety acts.  You could find them all over the village but the prime location was the triangular corner in front of the then Glendale Bank building on the corner of  Broxton & Kinross–I think there is a restaurant there now.

It was the spot for street performers.  Of course the Hare Krishna in their saffron-colored robes would often get there early for dancing and chanting but right after is when the juggling started.

For a young virgin just out of an all girls high school it was the “carnival” come to town but every weekend.  And I was there.  I would catch the number 12 bus on Saturday nights and I was meeting new friends and hanging out.

So, of course when I decided that I wanted to learn how to juggle I knew I would ask the juggler I had seen performing in Westwood.  These guys were amazing…they would juggle balls, clubs, torches, knives.  To my young and naive eyes it was all amazing and astounding.  I was discovering a world of performance beyond the walls of my dysfunctional home life.  It was my escape into fairytale world of my own creation.

So there we were a group of us in clown costumes and make-up walking over from U.C.L.A. campus to promote Mardi Gras and of course my side objective was to head over to the juggler.

So, off I went through the village passing out flyers and having a grand time…and then the jugglers had a break in their performance.  Now was my chance……I walked over and introduced myself.  I told him I wanted to learn how to juggle and would he teach me?

He said yes and we exchanged phone numbers……..to be continued……

…confessions of a wayward soul…..part four……back to the beginning……

I have written in past post about a long ago love that left its imprint on my heart for the past thirty years and I thought it was time to roll back the clock thirty years ago…..

Keep in mind as you read this post that I have not consciously been pining away for this man for thirty years, paralyzed into not being able to have any other relationships…far from it but he has lived in my heart taking up heart space like a dark shadow lurking, unsuspecting and every now and then making an appearance into the conscious mind and world.

Once upon a time, thirty years ago there lived a very dysfunctional family….I was part of that family. …..

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….limbo land……….

Love Me Tender (song)

Love Me Tender (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since, the Malaysia scandal at the end of March I have been living in a limbotic state (is that even a word?).

I have been neither here nor there, trying to figure out up from down.  I had a man who had been telling me that he was my soul mate, that we would be together forever and then he disappears out of my life, which is quite easy to do when I live in the USA and he lives in Australia.  The only thing that has kep me going is my writing and this driving force to learn music.

I am still not even sure myself as to why I am doing all of this?  I just know that I have been compelled.  Thus far I have written the lyrics to 23 songs. I can play a simple version of “Love Me Tender” on the guitar and “Frere Jacque” on the piano.

I have decided to take music classes at Long Beach City College.  I start next week–I will be taking Music Theory, Songwriting Composition, and Beginning Piano in addition to the private piano and guitar lessons, and then there are also the guitar lessons I am taking through the local parks and recreation classes.

Really at the moment my plate is full.  I am following a path that I feel is being led by spirit–surely none of this is logical in the least.  And I am trusting and having faith that God has an ultimate destination in mind for me because honestly, I don’t really know where any of this is headed if it is even going anywhere…….

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