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“You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.” —Anne Lamott

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Jay Scott Berry Post Disclaimer

While I was in a relationship with Jay Scott Berry he had often said to me that he wanted me to be the one to write his life story.

Everything you will read in the Jay Scott Berry posts are the absolute truth.  These posts were written to share my story and relationship with JSB as they are a part of my story and of my journey.  So in that sense yes I am writing a bit of JSB’s life story, the part of his life that has coincided with mine.

And yet, it has come to my attention that there are people out in the world who think/feel that my posts regarding JSB are an attempt to “destroy” him.  Let it be known that I am not trying to destroy JSB.  I am sharing my story and my relationship with JSB. It is an ugly story but none the less it is the truth.

The uglier truth is the compilation of all the stories of the different women that JSB has lied to, cheated on and abused both emotionally and physically. In the world of NPD, we call that “soul rape.”   I did not make JSB a Narcissistic Sociopath–I merely discovered the truth behind the illusion based on my experience with him, the experience of his first wife “Marina” and the patterns he continues to have with his current wife.

The purpose of these posts were to share my story and to have the truth out there so that any other “targets” might have the opportunity to discover the truth for themselves and not merely have the propaganda that JSB puts out.  The same propaganda that led me to believe that he was successful in magic, music and that he was a highly evolved spiritual being.  He is a fraud on all levels.  But don’t just take my word for it.  No, do your own research on the man.

As it turns out in that respect my blog posts have been a success. On April 21 2013 I noticed in my blog stats that the search term “jay scott berry sociopath” brought a viewer to my pages.  How odd, I thought that someone would be searching using the terms JSB and sociopath

An individual did an extensive search on my site for my story and “Marina’s”.  Needless to say JSB had targeted another woman.  Yes, there was yet another relationship/extra-marital affair with a young woman while he was still married to Lisa Richards in 2013.

So, if you are the next target reading this–please know that everything written here is the absolute truth, regardless of what JSB may have said to you about me or “Marina”.  Yes, he told me a lot of things about Marina which I discovered to be false.  His daughter with Marina is a teenager and he has pretty much emotionally and financially abandoned her.  As of this writing he is still married to Lisa and they apparently have some kind of arrangement.  When I hear of a divorce I will certainly update this post.Update the second wife left him and 2016 was the year of the divorce.

If, you are someone planning to do business with him be aware that he runs out on his debts, unless of course he thinks it might affect his standing in the magic world.

I am still owed $3000.00 for the expenditures for the trip to Malaysia which JSB assured me I would get reimbursed.

He still owes money to the Independent Music Network.

The money used to make partial payments to the Magicians in the Malaysia scandal was the money from the airline ticket refunds which should have gone back to the producer, theoretically stolen money–but hey the magicians got paid.  I guess they don’t care if JSB stole the money or not as long as they got paid?!!!

On Sept 8 2013 he started a smear campaign against me and his ex-wife Mayr.  He claimed that we were slandering him and that he only extended out love and forgiveness towards us. Really?  Below is the e-mail he sent me on Sept 9 2013.  Does it sound like love and forgiveness? I think not but judge for yourself.


Please be advised that you are currently under investigation by the State of California for Libel, Defamation of Character, Slander and attempted Extortion.

This is all you own doing. What on earth has possessed you is beyond my understanding. It is only my patience, love and compassion that are holding back the tide.

All it will take is one word from me to my lawyer and the next knock on your door will be the police.

Your future is now hanging by a thread. Please, please come to your senses.

I haven’t done anything to you, except end a brief affair that you and I never should have started. It lasted only a few weeks and that was more than a year and a half ago!

Have you forgotten how it was YOU who came to my hotel room, offered yourself to me, and then screamed like a bitch in heat for me to run out and get condoms? Ivonne’s note–I was already in his hotel room as this was the week in Feb 2012 that he was in town for meetings regarding his music career and insisted that we go to his room in between meetings. It was also the day he gave me the wolf card.

Have you forgotten how you got so drunk on our date that I had to practically carry you back to the hotel and then you threw up on me?  A note from Mayr, she is the one that threw up on him not me. That’s right, there’s nothing quite so romantic as vomit.

Have you forgotten how you tried to sexually assault me when I came to your house to pick up my things AFTER I ended our physical relationship?  If the gender roles were reversed, you know full well that I could have had you arrested then and there.  Ivonne’s note, I did not sexaully assalt him what I said to him was, ” Would it be bad of me to say that I want to rip your clothes off and fuck your brains out?”

It’s amazing how these, and so many other FACTS, haven’t made it into your outrageous, fictional story. I guess the TRUTH was the first casualty of your one-sided war upon me.

And all the while, I haven’t responded in kind. I’ve just forgiven you. While you’ve been running a deliberate smear campaign, I’ve turned the other cheek.

And still it‘s apparent that, after a year and a half, you are unable to just take responsibility for your own choices and your own actions.

So here’s the Immediate Situation:

You will cease your unwarranted attacks on me and pull down your BS webpage, immediately. Otherwise, you better get yourself a very good lawyer.

Because my lawyer is chomping at the bit to eat you for lunch. I’m holding the leash. He didn’t even want me to warn you.

Do you really want this to escalate? Are your really ready to spend time in jail???

I offer you Peace, Love, Forgiveness and Compassion. This is my Olive Branch. I hold no grudge. I Am Love.

Please consider this carefully.



On Feb 9 2014 JSB posted to his FB Wall

“It is my experience that, whenever there’s a separation between friends or lovers, there is often one who has the
personal integrity to simply get on with their life without the need to blame or  defame the other. Then, sadly, there is often one who somehow imagines that they  can build themselves up by putting the other down. By observing how one acts after a relationship has ended, you can often surmise how they acted during the relationship. True colors always shine through.” – JSB

I do not know who he is writing about but he is already setting up the next truth teller to be shot down as a liar or bitter woman.

“Another very valuable red flag to recognize when trying to spot a sociopath is to see how they deal with attacks on their own integrity. If a sociopath is presented with a collection of facts,
documents and evidence showing that he lied or deceived, he will refuse to address the evidence and, instead, attack the messenger!

If you really try to nail a sociopath down to answering a documented allegation, they will quickly turn on you, denounce you, and declare that you too are secretly plotting against them. Anyone who does not fall for the brainwashing of the sociopath is sooner or later kicked out of the circle and then wildly disparaged by the remaining members of the cult group.”

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/036112_sociopaths_cults_influence.html#ixzz2Y41wOYca

As of Feb 2017 he is one year behind in child support to his oldest daughter from his first marriage.  But in the meantime although child support has been neglected back in Dec 2013 Jay and his wife Lisa did purchase a second horse.

I’m guessing that Lisa gets a horse every time she finds out about a new mistress………

Also to note he loves to talk about his 100 acre property–bought with the financial assistance of his second wife’s parents.

jsb prop titile

He tells people that I am a psycho–hmnn psychic maybe but psycho?  He tells people that I am mad at him because he would not marry me.  Hmnn, you can’t marry a man who is already married to somebody else.  Yes, Jay tries to discredit me as is the nature of a narcissistic sociopath.  Read not only the JSB posts but the other posts as well and decide for yourself.

Please feel free to contact me at ivonnepmontijo@aol.com  if you have any questions or doubts.



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Christmas 2012 on a Caribbean Cruise…Part 1


I believe it was sometime last May 2012 when I received an e-mail stating that there was a face-painter opening for a cruise departing from New Orleans to the Western Caribbean. About the same time the shit was hitting the fan with Jay Scott Berry and I decided I needed something happy to look forward to. I tried to book this trip the year prior but somebody else beat me out. The way this company works you and a guest for $40.00 a night plus face painting sessions get to take the cruise.  Not a bad deal if you are bringing someone and like cruises.  I had never been on a cruise so I had no idea if I would  like it or not. But my friend Lisa, may god rest her soul did about 4 of these cruises and she loved them. And New Orleans was on my bucket list-so why not I thought.

I tracked the weather in New Orleans and it was on average about 10 degrees colder than where I live so totally doable. I booked myself on a flight that arrived one day before the cruise departed as I wanted a buffer day in case my luggage got lost and the returning flight I booked for New Years Day so I could spend 3 days and New Years Eve in New Orleans.

My next door neighbors teenage daughter was going to take care of my two kitties and Missy would be at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, where she is spoiled and does things she does not do at home.

lens17839579_1302580231pink-suitcaseI of course travel with pink luggage. Seriously did anyone think it would be a different color.  This trip I decided to use the large suitcase, which I have never used ( and know I know why I don’t) before because I had to pack winter clothes for New Orleans and summer clothes, in addition to formal wear for the cruise.

Yes, you get a big list of do’s and don’ts when you take one of these cruises as you are considered a representative of the company.  They stress how you must always look upscale and never wear shorts on the cruise. Of course that meant I needed matching shoes and of course I needed my face painting supplies as well.  I decided I would take my face paints in my carry on because God forbid something should happen and where would I be without my face paints.  Since this was my first time I wanted to make a good impression.  I packed my brushes, glitter, stick on jewels, sponges, glitter gel you name it-everything I needed to make little kids fantasy face dreams come true.

Of course December thankfully is a busy month for my business and what with school and finals it did not give me a lot of time to pre-pack as I like to do before a trip.  I even wanted to clean my home a bit as my next door neighbor is one of those clean freaks and I did not want her daughter to go back home and say what a mess I left the place in.

I departed on Dec 21 coming back home on Jan 1 2013.  Yes, I was forgoing Christmas with the family.  a conscius choice as I could not deal with yet another phony Christmas–maybe I’ll do a post about that someday.

So I have my large suitcase, my small carry on size one, a purse, and my guitar.  Yes, I brought the guitar assuming I would have time to practice my guitar.  And I figured the ship must have a piano somewhere on the ship that I could practice on while I was away.

I put my luggage on the bathroom scale and according to it the large suitcase only weighed about 37 lbs–awesome I thought as the weight limit for the airlines was 50 lbs.

I was departing FRiday at 1 am so I arrived with luggage and Missy sometime on Thursday afternoon to my moms’.  But we still had to get the costumes for the weekend all set before I left.  To say that it was a hectic day is an understatement.  My mom lifted my large suitcase to put into the van.  Yes, I know my mother is 71 however she is under the impression that she is the only one that knows how to put a suitcase into the car as she travels back and forth to Puerto Rico at least 4 times a year.  The first thing she says is that the suitcase weighs too much. I tell it doesn’t I weighed it on the scale at home.

Well it was time to head to the airport.  I said my good-byes to Missy and gave her lots of kisses. That is the one thing about traveling that I don’t like, having to leave Missy behind.  And once the puppies arrive I guess I won’t be going anywhere for a while.

We get to the airport to check in.  As luck would have there wasn’t a line and hardly anyone at the airport.  They check in the guitar and then we put the large suitcase  on the airline scale thingy.  I am 20 lbs over weight–that will be an extra $100.00–what.   And of course there is my mother saying, ” I told you so!”  Really this was not the moment to be smug. It is suggested that I remove items and the woman at the counter says she has to check on something and will be back.

Well, like I said earlier it was quite the blessing that the airport was not busy because there and then I am now opening the large suitcase to see what weighs the most that I can take out.  Now normally I have my backpack that I use as my carry on because it can hold a lot of items including my laptop and I have a purse.  Yeah no back pack this time.  I sent my mother and her husband back to the car because I thought I saw a bag that I could use.


Out comes the music binder–hand that to my mom.  I only keep a few pages of practice music.  The roll up keyboard for the lap top comes out.  Three pairs of 4 inch heels come out of the suitcase I will carry those on. The power strip comes out-that goes to my mom.  Oh yes, the extra sweater I put on, the suit coat from my new just had to have tuxedo got put on, along with the coat I was already wearing.  The electric throw blanket–that I had to have because I can’t stand to get into a cold bed even in the summer I decided to carry that on and hope TSA does not stop me ( the wires in the blanket).  Seriously it looked a scene from a bad comedy.


I am trying to ignore my mother as she goes on and on about how we should have weighed the luggage and how much she knows about traveling and that I don’t’ need three pairs of 4 inch heels or so much clothes for just a ten day trip blah blah blah. My focus was did I get rid of the excess 20 lbs.  The carry on with the face paints now had to be checked in the russian roulette game of re-do the packing on the floor of Los Angeles International Airport.

Mission accomplished but now there was another woman at the counter and a line was beginning to form. She spoke Spanish my mother spoke spanish and said something to her in Spanish about how she tried to tell me about weight.  Oh just for information’s sake I am not a first time traveler.  I have been to Jamaica 4 times, 3 times by my self, I have been to Europe as well two times by myself and of course there was the glorious life changing trip to Malaysia.  However my mother is under the impression that she is a more seasoned traveler than I am. But I have to admit her talking to the woman in Spanish got my luggage clearance.  The problem wound up being that the women who had walked away had already charged me the $100.00 fee-possibley it was for the guitar?!!  Seriously, if I had been told the guitar was going to cost $100.00 that too would have been going back home with mom.

Finally got all checked in made it through security and finally at the gate.  Of course I had to call my mother and let her know I made it safely to the gate.  You just never know when a hijacker might just randomly take a hostage at the airport.

And that is how I started the Christmas Holiday whose purpose was to help me clear my head of the magician and get on with life….to be continued……

Ode to Lisa

Yesterday, one of God‘s angels, Lisa Haze was called back to  heaven.

She was a dear and beloved friend who lost her battle with cancer.  The funny thing about Lisa is that she never let on how seriously ill she was.  I got a clue last March when we were in Malaysia together  and she gave me pages of notes on her medications and doctors.

But being sick didn’t stop her from dreaming or planning for the future.

Lisa is one of those rare-good people who you are blessed to meet  in your life.  She called her company, “Happiness Unlimited” because she just wanted everybody to be happy.  I don’t think I ever heard her raise her voice or be angry at anyone.

She was a gentle soul.

And one classy lady.

We would go to the “theatre” dressed to the nines.

Lisa was the definition of classy.

She had that golden-era Hollywood glamour of days gone by.

Her birthday was Nov 23 mine on Dec 1.  We are both Sagittarius and we would go to Disneyland to celebrate our birthday’s  together.

She was a dear friend, a confident and my cohort.  She was the one with me and my friend Jeannette on the beach at midnight making offerings to Yemaya, Yoruba Goddess of love and fertility in exchange for meeting our soul mates.

She had the voice of an angel.  http://soundcloud.com/msmontijo/lisa-haze

In her younger days she had a recording contract with Sony.  She was in three bands, The California Girls, The Skallywagz, and Lisa Haze & The Dr. Bones Band.  She traveled the world performing and singing.

We had plans to do music together.  I was going to  write the songs and she was going to sing them.   Today she is singing with the angels and traveling through infinity.  Lisa I was honored to know you and call you my friend.

I miss you already………..


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